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Looking for a way to get your kids to abandon their electronics or exert their energy? Or, maybe you're looking for a mini home gym? If either of these are the case for you, then a trampoline could really be the perfect solution. These jumping mats have been shown to increase balance and coordination in children and can serve as a great tool for cardio, gymnastics and good old fashioned fun and we're not just talking about for the kids.

​Buying a trampoline was personally one of the best things I had done for my wife and kids and I found out I wasn't alone. I've met many other families now that agree that they are a great way to keep your children amused, fit and happy, not to mention it's a great way to let the kids get out all their pent up crazy energy. This product is the #1 energy zapper for every kid. 

But let's not forget that this activity isn't just for kids and in fact there are many adults that buy these products for themselves. Whether its for fitness purposes, or you may want to have a party and kick it old school in the yard, it can certainly be very valuable for adults, so don't be ashamed to purchase one. ​

To help you find the best trampoline in the world for your needs and budget, we have created this comprehensive reviews site on all the top-rated products in the market so that you can compare the top brands and find the best for your family.

Our Review of the Top 5 Trampolines of 2017

Though there are countless brands and models on the market, we have carefully selected the top 5 best trampoline product based on real consumer reports and expert research. When choosing the top ones, we looked at jumpers that were of the highest quality while still being cheap and inexpensive. 

1. Skywalker 15ft Round 

The Skywalker 15ft Round Trampoline has been rated by consumers as the most highly recommended in the market for kids and teens. This jumper is specifically designed for optimal durability and the safest bouncing experience, combining a sturdy and rust-resistant frame with an easy to install safety net. Large enough to entertain up to 10 kids without fear of anyone falling off, this product is the perfect addition to your backyard for active and safe family fun.

This Skywalker features 6 W-shaped legs as well as reinforced galvanized t-sockets for added stability and to prevent the structure from twisting. In addition, in order to keep little fingers from getting pinched in the springs, this product also comes with a convenient cover pad. Compared to other trampolines on the market, this product has been shown to be both highly durable and bouncy, making it a great investment for years of family fun.

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2. Propel 15ft With Enclosure & Anchor Kit

Ready for a new kind of bouncing adventure? That’s exactly what you’ll get with the Propel 15ft Trampoline because it offers endless fun for your little ones who can bounce on this gigantic model with all their friends. This top-rated trampoline offers a safe place for kids to bounce and play without fears of falling off, because Propel is one of the leading brands known for their innovative safety designs. 

A fantastic example of its thorough and innovative design is the ultra-smooth bounce, controlled by 90 galvanized steel springs, and the Impact-Absorbent Enclosure System, plus the thick Sure-Lock frame pad, Propel Trampolines reach the paramount of safety.

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3. Ultega Jumper 12ft Round

If you’re looking for a 12 ft option with great reviews, the Ultega 12ft Jumper uses the latest design upgrades to offer a safe and fun space for your kids to play. As a mid-sized trampoline, this product is great for smaller families or for those who don’t have much space in their yards. Further, compared to other similar products, this product has been rated as extremely durable thanks to its strong and elastic polypropylene fabric mesh mat that is UV protected to prevent fading and sun damage, even if you live in a hot climate.

This product also comes fully equipped with the safety features you need for worry-free jumping. The 35 ft safety net will prevent all jumpers, big or small, from falling off the edge. The 8 poles are also fully padded preventing bumps and bruises from any accidental collisions. And as for the springs, fingers and toes can stay pinch-free thanks to the padded spring mat. Lastly, in addition to its high quality, durability and safety, this product is also easy to assemble, requiring no additional tools other than what comes in the packaging.

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4. Zupapa Round

Known for their German-quality TUV certified products, Zupapa Round Trampoline is one of the best trampoline manufacturers, known for their dedication to long-lasting durability and safety. One thing that sets Zupapa apart from the competition is that the create products with more springs per foot than any other seller. This allows the mat to be firmly stretched for an optimal bounce as well as optimal durability. To increase the longevity even further, Zupapa trampolines also come equipped with a rain cover that prevents wear and tear that could be caused by rain, sun, debris, snow, hail and other ailments.

Zupapa models are designed with safety as a top priority, which is why the structure is made of galvanized steel and features an extra tall safety net. These nets are held up by long net poles that are bungled together to give added support so that it remains sturdy for years of bouncing to come.

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5. Exacme Round 

If you’re looking for a heavy duty product that can withstand the weight of any man, the Exacme Round Trampoline may be the perfect choice for you. This product has a higher weight capacity than most comparable models on the market, making it great for those who have older kids or are anticipating a bouncing block party. However, this model is also perfect for little jumpers, featuring a slip-resistant galvanized ladder, making it easy to get on and off.

Exacme also come equipped with a thick spring cover pad that prevents small fingers from getting pinched and a strong safety net outside of the pad, in order to maximize the play area while still offering a safe netted enclosure in which your kids can jump and play. Lastly, this jumper is also structurally sound, featuring long safety poles that are bungled in two different places to maximize sturdiness.

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Complete Buyers Guide

Our reviews can match you with the best trampoline for your needs, but to make the process a lot smoother, it is important to know what you’re looking for. Our buyer's guide and reviews can help you narrow down your options so that you end up with a product that fits your space and offers all the features you're looking for at a price that will make you want to jump even more.

What are the Different Types?

There are hundreds of different types of trampolines on the market, but they can be broken down into three main types: indoor, outdoor and springfree. Indoor trampolines allow for year-round fun, while outdoor ones allow for bigger bounces for kids and adults. Springless models on the other hand, have revolutionized the industry in recent years and the technology allows for jumpers to be completely protected from the risk that springs can sometimes pose. In this case, it can mean carefree jumping.

1. Indoor Trampolines

Indoor Rebounder

Indoor trampolines allow kids to get out their energy without even having to leave the front door. If you live in an apartment, have a small yard, or live in an unpredictable climate, owning an outdoor jumper may not be feasible for your family. However, indoor models can fit in virtually any home, offering the perfect solution to any rainy day. Indoor bouncers can be a great tool for kids and adults alike to get in some cardio, practice balance and coordination and simply have fun. Put them in front of the TV to stay active while watching your favorite show, or keep them in your kid's playroom for hours of active entertainment.

2. Outdoor Trampolines

Outdoor Jumper

When kids think of the perfect yard, they usually imagine two things: a pool and a trampoline. Outdoor trampolines can be a great incentive for your kids to drop their electronics and go out and play. Usually designed for 1-5 or more jumpers, the best product can offer hours of active fun. 

While the majority of outdoor jumpers are round, they also come in additional shapes and sizes, including rectangular and square. For added safety, many jumpers now feature safety nets and spring covers in addition to other safety features. If you’re looking for an outdoor trampoline, the most common sizes are 10ft, 12ft, 14ft and 15ft.

3. Springfree Trampolines

Springfree Bouncer

One of the most modern innovations in the classic trampoline design, springfree trampolines have reimagined how jumpers work by going back to the drawing board. While many retailers place an emphasis on safety features, there is always a small chance that the springs could pinch someone’s fingers or that someone could get their legs stuck in between the holes. 

To eliminate these hazards, springfree models get rid of the springs all together using a different type of technology to optimize both bounciness and safety. With this system, a safety net is usually on the outer edge of it and because there are no springs, jumpers can enjoy a greater play area.

Safety Tips 

Trampolines are a great way to enjoy family fun while getting some exercise; but like all other energetic activities, it is important to maintain the proper precautions so that no one ends their day of fun in tears. Though in a steep decline thanks to the innovations in bouncing safety over the last decade, trampoline injuries still happen today and can sometimes be serious. To keep all jumpers safe, you should look for certain safety features that minimize the two greatest hazards of this product: falling off the side and getting pinched/stuck in the springs.

Investing in a safety net around your trampoline can ensure that your little ones always stay safe inside, eliminating one of the greatest risks of injury. Many products now come with these safety nets, but they can also be purchased separately in many cases. Buying a product with padded safety net pools can also minimize injuries in the event that your jumper accidentally runs into them.

Child Bouncing

Another way to maintained trampoline safety is by using a spring pad cover. These covers are water resistant and plushy cushioned to prevent little hands or feet from getting pinched in the springs below. A proper spring pad will completely cover the springs, eliminating any chance of someone’s feet getting stuck between the gaps in the springs.

Alternatively. If you’re worried about safety, you may want to consider investing in a springfree model. These trampolines are designed to eliminate these top risk factors by eliminating the springs entirely and including a durable safety net around the edge. 

Doing regular maintenance checks on your jumper to make sure that there are no weak areas in the mat and that all screw are tightly assembled in the trampoline’s base can ensure maximum longevity and durability so that all jumpers can enjoy a safe place to play.

And I your kids love spending all day on it then make sure you have rules and that an adult is nearby at all times.

What are the Different Shapes?


Choosing a trampoline can be surprisingly tough and that is because there is a wide variety of options when it comes to them. Size, safety, weight capacity of course are major features to think about when making a decision for your home, but another feature that cannot be missed is the shape of your trampoline so you know exactly where to place it when it arrives.

So, why don't I go ahead and introduce the most popular trampoline shapes that people are searching for when it comes to buying for their homes, just so you have a clear idea of your options. 

1. Rectangle Trampoline

Rectangle Jumper

Who said all trampolines have to be round? Rectangle jumpers can be a fun and unique addition to your backyard, especially if you have a rising gymnast in the family. Rectangle trampolines offer maximum space for somersaults, backflips and other gymnastic tricks since you can get superior air time when you jump from one end to the other.


Not to mention, because of the wide shape, rectangle trampolines often have the best bounciness as the mat letting you jump both long and high. Lastly, the rectangular shape of these jumpers may be better suited for some yards, allowing homeowners to invest in a larger square footage than they would have been able to with a round model.

2. Square Trampoline

Skywalker Square Review

Similar to rectangle trampolines, square shaped models also maximize surface area, in fact, if you jump from corner to corner they may offer the longest air time. This trampoline shape is often able to sustain a higher weight capacity than round or rectangular ones, making them a viable option if you expect older teens and adults to join the jump party.

And though they are usually slightly less bouncy in comparison to rectangle trampolines, the convenient shape may make this style easier to tuck into the corner of your back yard. Also, while rectangle trampolines are best-suited for one or two jumpers, more jumpers can usually fit on a square model comfortably.

3. Oval Trampoline

Oval Shaped Jumper

While round trampolines are considered the classic design, oval shaped models still let you create a jump circle with your friends but with some unique features.

Oval trampolines often have a larger jumping surface than round jumpers, giving you extra space to perform fun tricks. Because of its shape, oval products always direct the jumper back to the center of the mat, giving it an added layer of safety that can keep your little ones from falling off the edge or running into the safety net, however it has been found that oval shaped models are not as sought after as the rectangle and square types. 

How to Choose the Right Size

Measuring Tape

There are different sized models out there and choosing the right dimensions that will complement your home best is probably the most important aspect you need to think about before buying. For one thing, you’ll want to consider how much space you have in your back yard. What you’ll need to consider is how many children you expect to be jumping on your trampoline at any given time.

That is why I'm about to go through the most popular trampoline sizes in the market, and run through with you guys the different features and benefits of each. So pay attention. ​

1. 15 ft Trampolines

If you’re looking for a trampoline big enough for the whole family, a 15 foot product may be the best option. This size is the one of the largest standard round trampoline dimension, offering plenty of room for multiple jumpers to bounce around. With a large surface area, this size offers plenty of mat space to practice gymnastic tricks like somersaults and backflips. If you have multiple children or anticipate having multiple jumpers using it at once,

2. 14 ft Trampolines

A little bit smaller than a 14 foot jumper, this trampoline size will generally give you an easier bounce because there is less mesh involved. 14 ft models still offer ample size for one or more jumpers to get some exercise and let their imaginations run wild. If you’re looking to buy a high-quality trampoline for cheap, downsizing from a 15ft to a 14ft can make your purchasing options much more affordable without having to sacrifice quality.

3. 12 ft Trampolines

12 ft trampolines are much more on the smaller size, ideal for one to two jumpers max. These jumpers can be a great solution for those who have limited yard space, or those who have smaller children. 12ft jumpers aren’t ideal if you’re looking to work on your gymnastic tricks, but because of the smaller surface area, they can give you impressive air time. Compared to the cost of 15 and 14ft trampolines these are usually the cheapest, often offering a super value for a low cost.

Why You Need to Buy a Kids Trampoline?

Kids Jumping

For parents with energetic kids, finding something to keep them busy while ensuring their safety at the same time can be a challenge. Many parents have found that the solution to safely entertaining their rambunctious youngsters at home is with a kid’s trampoline.

Just think about it, a children’s trampoline net is easy to see through and because they’re usually small enough to place indoors, parents can keep an eye on their jumping joeys while they do work around the house or even just relax. A children’s mini bouncer is pure fun for kids and pure peace of mind for parents all year long, rain or shine.​

If you're on the market for a kids trampoline, and you're looking for where to find the most safest and best ones, look no further and check out our reviews where we point you in the direction of where to find them at the cheapest and most affordable price. ​

What are Rebounders or Mini Trampolines?

Woman Exercising

Trampolines are no longer just for kids, because a new design has revolutionized it's purpose. The rebounder or mini trampoline has become an exercise for top trainers and other everyday people who have discovered the benefits of using this type of equipment for their workouts.

With many fitness and rebounder becoming produced specifically for strength and muscle-building capabilities, you have no excuse not to jump onto this bandwagon and see for yourself how exercise can be more than just a chore.​

For the full scoop on what are the best rebounders in 2017 and where to buy them at the most discounted price, you should definitely check out our full review on this type of trampoline, where you can find the top 5 products in the market. 

What are the Different Accessories?


If you love trampolines you’ll probably love some of the cool new accessories that are currently for sale on the market. Two decades ago they almost never came with spring pads, let alone safety net. Today, these accessories are nearly mandated, giving countless parents added peace of mind knowing that their kids are playing safe.

In addition to safety accessories, a ton of other products are for sale that increase the functionality, durability, or fun of your trampoline. Tents, for example, can transform any regular model into a bonafide play house. Ladders make it easy for even the smallest jumpers to get on and off with ease.

Some of the most popular trampoline accessories include:

  • Tent
  • Net
  • Spring
  • Mat
  • Ladder
  • Covers

Other accessories include replacement pads, canopy covers, tie downs and more, which you can buy at any online stores. If you’re looking to buy a trampoline, make sure you look into these fun accessories and replacement parts so that you get the whole package.

Final Thoughts: So, Where Can I Buy My Next Trampoline?

Little Girl Jumping

Whether you’re an American or reside in Australia, trampolines are a timeless staple of childhood fun all around the world. Your father probably jumped on one in his youth and your kids can have just as much fun, if not more, on one today. Nothing beats the priceless look on your child’s face as they brag about making the highest jump ever and with a professional quality product that’s exactly the type of excitement your family can enjoy.

If you’re ready to jump in on the family fun, be sure to click through to our comprehensive trampoline reviews to learn more about some of the top-rated brands and products for sale and where you can get them for the best trampoline prices and deals.

Or, if you have decided that you just want to take our word for it and you want to go for the best trampoline in the market and you're looking for where to buy it at the most budget-friendly price, simply click here

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