JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 Review

JumpSport Fitness Trampolines are used by quite a lot of fitness enthusiasts in homes and in the professional clubs. Young and old can both keep active and strong by engaging in JumpSport Fitness activities. The exercise is safe due to the smooth bounce provided by the elastic cords.

This model 250 is a home use small rebounder cushion trampoline, with long lasting premium bungee cords. Being portable, it can be used for indoor or outdoor home workouts.​

The 250 model has been tested and has been proven to be a product you can trust, built to be extra tough and having no tip arched leg, you can always be sure of jumping safely.​


JumpSport’s model 250 comes with some significant advantages which ensure you will make great use of it:

  • It has no tip arched legs, providing maximum stability, so you can always be sure of a safe landing.
  • The pad is soft and very firm making sure you are comfortable with no jarring and it has a bigger area to jump on, to give you more flexibility in your exercising.
  • ​It comes already assembled requiring no complex setup; in just a few minutes you’ll be ready to start your workouts.
  • ​At 20 lbs. it is portable and you can use it anywhere in your house or outside the house depending on your preferences.
  • It practically makes no noise when jumping, you can consider using it even if you live at the top of a five-floor apartment or even at any time of the day or night.
  • ​The padded petals cover cords for added safety and provide deep bounce.
  • ​The rebounding that is comfortably realized on the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline comes with a number of health benefits. It ensures a high-calorie burn, it detoxes the body by increasing lymphatic flow and is adaptable for abdominal work outs.


Though this product is very good, it will be a disservice to you if you are not informed about some of the inconveniences you might have while using it.

  • You aren’t able to fold the legs for easy storage in a closet or under a bed.
  • If you going to be using it every day, you will eventually have to buy more bungee cords.

Detailed Specifications

  • Unlike other trampolines this model 250 has 39 inches of pad area and 22.5 inches jumping area with overlapping petal pads to ensure a good surface for doing workouts. This provides a safe area to jump within which can reduce the likelihood of accidents.
  • There are various accidents that may occur when using an indoor trampoline, like the cord may snap. This has been duly considered by having 30 cords with extra strength. This equally ensures its durability making it a great product for long term use.
  • ​An 8mm thick cord increases its strength and firmness. The material used for the cord also ensures its firmness and durability.
  • ​Many common trampolines are available with movable legs, which can be prone to failing due to its unstable nature. The current model comes with arched legs, therefore, offering more stability. And that means less risk of falling.
  • ​There is a lifetime warranty on the model 250 frame with very good customer care services in case of any issues. Note: only the frame has a lifetime warranty.
  • ​The petal shape mat style makes this a very cool looking product as well as being very efficiently designed.
  • ​Imagine having a JumpSport Fitness trampoline in your house and no one knows you are using it? Well, good news, this product is just what you are looking for, it is noiseless and you can use it even at night without anyone being disturbed.
  • ​Has no component made of PVC which makes it so much more durable for long time use.
  • ​It can cater for people up to a maximum of 250 pounds, which will cover the majority of the population.
  • ​This model can be easily carried just about anywhere you may wish, your living room, backyard, as well as up and down stairs. Weighing just 20lbs, it makes it possible to carry it wherever you want to use it.
  • Included in the package is a DVD with work outs for beginners and other levels to start you up with your work outs. This makes sure you get right into it and create a trampoline workout session that is fun and effective.
  • You are able to customize the firmness and tension of the jumping pad and can, therefore, adjust according to your preference or for other adults and children that might use it.

Recommended Use

This JumpSport indoor trampoline is one of the best exercise equipment you can use when you to improve your overall fitness level in a fun way. It has proven to be a great way to reduce impact on joint whle at the same time working your body to really get your heart pumping.

You can use this small trampoline at its best in the following ways:​

When Starting A Detox Schedule

With the ever-increasing inactive lifestyle, when offices are built and minimal space is available in the city, a trampoline can be very helpful to keep your blood clean. It stimulates the lymphatic system making the process of excretion much more effective. Making it part of your detox routine will give you great results. This will keep you strong, vibrant and active whatever your age.

It Provides Much Health Benefits With Less Strain

It has been scientifically proven that a person jumping on an exercise trampoline burns more calories than someone who spends one-hour jogging. You will also not need to cover much distance as it only takes a little space. From the comfort of your own home or garden, you can exercise your entire body giving you excellent cardio routines.

Promote Immune System

If you are prone to getting sick several times a year, then a fitness trampoline can be a good solution for you. It activates the lymphatic system which has promotes white blood cells which help fight infections and bacteria. The more efficient your immune system is the less likely you are to get sick in the first place.

Prevention is always the best way to deal with any type of sickness. And the fitter you are the less likely you are to encounter many types of cancer as well as heart disease. Jumping on a small trampoline can be an extremely fun way to improve your overall long term health.​

Save Trips To The Gym

If you are regularly working out at the gym and want quick results, then a trampoline exercise routine can enhance the results of the other exercises you are doing. It is a fantastic way to compliment your other training plans without having to leave your home. In a busy lifestyle that can bring a huge boost by simply doing some cardio exercise for 30 minutes at the end of the day.

Ideal For People With Medical Conditions

Unlike other forms of exercises, the trampoline exercise is great for people with different medical conditions. For example, this is a form of exercise recommended for arthritis and can prove to be very comfortable as it does not exert much pressure on the joints.

Also, people with hip or knee replacements have to be very careful with how they exercise. The less stress that is applied to the joints the better the recovery period will be.

Helps Lung Related Illnesses

If you are someone suffering from asthma or if you have some problems with breathing, this exercise can be ideal to help you to improve your ability to absorb oxygen. For any asthmatic, it will reduce reliance on medication and even help reduce the.

It also helps to treat bronchitis. Doctors would recommend light trampoline exercise to activate the secretion of phlegm from your lungs and also help to loosen the secretions so they can be coughed off. Even a little bit of light exercise promotes deeper breathing.

When Not To Use A Trampoline

However good jump exercise can be, there are some conditions when its use is not recommended. During pregnancy, any kind of impact sport should be kept to a minimum. Also, there is always a slight risk of falling when using a trampoline. And that is a risk that pregnant women shouldn’t take.

How To Use It For Fitness Routine

Jumping on a JumpSport Fitness trampoline can prove to be very beneficial and can be twice as effective as jogging. It has been proven that ten minutes of working out on a trampoline is equal to a thirty-minute jog.

Fitness trampolines are one of the easiest to use exercise equipment if you want to get fit and healthy. Health experts say that you’re able to burn up to 160 calories when you are jumping on a trampoline for about 30 minutes. But just jumping can get boring after a short while. Fortunately, some there are a lot of great exercise routines you can introduce to bring you to the next level. Here are a few ideas:​

Basic Jumping

To begin with is the basic jump. It may look like a simple and ineffective exercise but it burns a good number of calories. You should stand on the trampoline with your legs 6 inches apart. Next, the hands are bent slowly and gently while maintaining the elbows at the sides. Bend the knees slightly and now start bouncing up and down. If the steps are correctly followed and implemented a 6-inch bounce will start to get your blood circulating and warming up your muscles. This is to be repeated for around 30 times. Though a basic exercise, it helps to keep the calf muscles in good shape.

Jumping Jacks.

This goes on to boost the heart rate, blood circulation and oxygenates your blood and muscles. The increased pulse causes the body to burn fat which results in weight loss. Jumping jacks are a good way to increase your endurance. It also improves the flexibility, mobility, and circulation. You will quickly elevate your heart rate and will notice that you will be breathing at a much faster rate as well. Essentially this is where cardio exercise starts.

Squat Jump

Jump up and slightly put your legs apart to be wider than your shoulder width. Take a squatting position with the knees bent and the thighs just parallel to the ground. Your hands should be put in a straight position in front of you. Try to slightly jump to your original position. This will be repeated for 20 times. It is good to burn fat, it helps to strengthen the calves and thigh muscles. To bring this up one level you can do some squat jumps keeping your legs closer together. This will engage your core muscles as well.

Knee High Bounce

Standing on the trampoline with your legs far apart one leg being up at 90-degree angle alternating the one with the other. This is a good exercise to reduce abdominal fat as you lower core muscles will be a lot more active. It will also test your ability to keep a balance.

Overall Cardio Exercise Routine

Mini trampoline workout sessions are a great way to set up a regular cardio exercise routine. To help reduce fatigue and promote a safe training set up you can easily follow these timed exercises.

A warm up of 2-3 minutes is essential by running on the spot. This bring up your heart rate, gets blood flowing and prepares your lungs to absorb more oxygen and deliver that to muscles.

Jump work outs involve various jumping styles for 30 seconds and a short rest of 30 second interval. These jumps include straight jump, seat drop, tuck jump, pike jump, swivel hips, straddle jump, jumping jacks, and lastly, the half twist and full twist jumps.

At the end, the cool down is equally important and the best thing to do is to match the warm up exercise, just at a slightly slower pace. Essentially you want to bring you heart rate back to normal in a gradual way.

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