Different Types of Home Trampolines: 
Indoor, Outdoor & Spring-Free

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No childhood is complete without a memory or two of bouncy, trampoline fun. They combine the best of both worlds, encouraging healthy exercise while also inducing laughter and joy for kids. And they don’t have to be just for kids, adults can join in on the fun too.

There are hundreds of different types on the market, but they can be broken down into three main types: indoor, outdoor and springfree. Indoor trampolines allow for year-round fun, while outdoor ones allow for bigger bounces for kids and adults. Springless models on the other hand, have revolutionized the industry in recent years and the technology allows for jumpers to be completely protected from the risk that springs can sometimes pose. In this case, it can mean carefree jumping.

Below we’ll give you the scoop on the perks of each type available. Whether you’re looking for an indoor, outdoor or springfree trampoline, we’ve scoured the reviews and tested them for ourselves, to find you the best, top-rated products on the market. Read on and discover that fun is just a click and a bounce away.

Our Review of the Top 3 Indoor Trampolines

For fun all year round, indoor trampolines are the way to go. Snow, rain or shine, your kids can get a healthy dose of activity while playing inside.

When it comes to the best indoor models, fun and safety for your kids are top priorities. But even this type of environment can pose risks for children jumping on an indoor trampoline. Toys, pets and other items near the bouncers are dangerous because kids can crash into them and could crash into and injure themselves or others. That’s why all the best indoor products have durable safety enclosure netting, so your kids can jump safely and carefree in any environment.

To give you peace of mind and find the most fun indoor trampoline for your children, we’ve researched them all, so read on to find the best one for you.

1. Skywalker 48-inch Round Bouncer 

Hands down this is the best of the indoor trampolines. A gap-free enclosure and zippered U-shape entry guarantees safety, but a 360-degree handle offers additional support for your little ones as they learn their balancing and bouncing skills while inside. This jumper can support kids between the ages of three and seven up to 100 lbs. The lower enclosure net makes the Skywalker stand out from others and ensures that toys, pets or other indoor risks cannot get underneath.

The springfree stretch bands that connect the mat to the supporting metal frame makes for a safer structure all around and for even more safety, the bands are covered by a wide protective frame pad. All supportive poles on this product are encased in extra thick foam padding. When it comes to fun and safety indoors, the Skywalker is the best indoor home trampoline.

2. Super Jumper Combo 4.5ft 

Another amazing indoor bouncer for the home, the Super Jumper features a full enclosure netting, so your kids can play on the it inside without any worries about bouncing off. This indoor trampoline is best for small children since it can support up to 88 pounds. The supportive steel tubes are galvanized and anti-rust, which means this product is guaranteed to last for many years of indoor fun. For your kids’ safety, thick foam padding covers the steel tubes and springs. 

Compared to any other indoor model, the steel poles and springs are thicker and more robust. The jumping mat is made extra-secure with heavy-duty stitches and has been tested and proven to be UV-resistant. Rated as one of the best of its kind, the Super Jumper provides the best versatility and support. If you’re looking for top-quality trampolines for indoor or outdoor use, look no further than the Super Jumper.

3. Upper Bounce Indoor Classic 

Built as an indoor and outdoor trampoline, the Upper Bounce guarantees 365 days of fun. A 7-ft high net encircles this product and a dual-zippered, wide entry makes it easy for your kids to get in and out. This hefty product can support up to a whopping 150 pounds. Your children’s friends can join in on the fun. Galvanized steel makes for a sturdy, durable frame that won’t corrode in rain or shine. Protective padding for inside use covers all the steel springs and supportive poles.

The steel legs are encased in durable, molded plastic to protect against rust. A 100% Terylene mesh netting creates a strong support while maintaining visibility. For these particular types that come with the assurance that your kids are having fun while being safe, the Upper Bounce trampolines are a solid choice. 

Our Review of the Top 3 Outdoor Trampolines

Take advantage of that awesome summer weather with an outdoor trampoline in the backyard. Way bigger than the indoor ones, these products promise fun for adults and kids.

Outdoor trampolines come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find the one to fit any sized yard. Because they are made for outside use for the entire summer, the best products should be made of galvanized steel to endure any type of weather.

Without further adieu, here's our top 3:

1. Upper Bounce 

The Upper Bounce is the winner for the best outdoor trampoline. This product guarantees a full summer of fun for you and the kids and at 15 feet, it’s a good fit for even a small yard. A high-quality jumping mat enforced with eight-row stitching and a durable steel frame makes the Upper Bounce extra sturdy and allows it to support up to 330 pounds.

Galvanized powder coating on the steel supports and steel springs means this product can be left out all summer long and even in the cold without worry of corrosion. Safety padding covers the steel frame and springs to protect jumpers. For added safety, a high-quality safety netting with minimal gaps and dual-enclosure entry comes included. Best of all, the Upper Bounce is easy to assemble and disassemble. If you’re seeking the best of the outdoor trampolines, the Upper Bounce is a clear winner.

2. Giantex Combo Bounce 

Rated second-highest in the best outdoor trampoline reviews, the Giantex prioritizes fun, design and ease of use. The jumping mat is 14 feet in diameter, making it great for a small or large backyard and it is supported by four, U-shaped legs made of reinforced steel. Waterproof, protective padding covers the steel rings, so the Giantex can be left outdoor in any weather. An enclosure net comes included for additional safety. 

It also comes with a small step-ladder, so kids of any age will have no problem getting on and jumping around. No professional assistance required unlike some of the others we have tested. The Giantex is easy to assemble and lightweight enough that it can easily be moved around the yard while you mow or water the garden. If you have little ones starting gymnastics, or you just want to give your kids the best outdoor equipment, the Giantex is an excellent choice for an outdoor trampoline.

3. Skywalker Oval 

This outdoor yard trampoline is built to be tough. A galvanized steel frame supports the 17-foot jumping mat and four galvanized wind stakes are included to keep this product in place. Reinforced T-sockets provide a strong structural support for the upper enclosure net and ensure the net doesn’t get twisted around from kids jumping against it. The enclosure net is made of high-quality polyethylene, which not only guarantees durability but also provides UV protection for all those hot summer days. 

The steel springs are covered for the protection of your children with one-inch thick foam padding. Although the Skywalker might not be an outdoor model for a small backyard, it provides plenty of security and space for your children to run, jump and play. A trampoline for outside use that is truly made to last, the Skywalker Oval is a great choice for summer fun.

Our Reviews of the Top Springfree Trampolines

For the absolute safest outdoor trampolines on the market, springfree trampolines are the best choice. Engineered without springs, these products eliminate the risk of falling on the springs and getting hurt by ingeniously putting the structural support underneath the mat.

While the springfree trampolines are available for not a small cost, they are well worth the investment. Out of all the products we reviewed, we found the best ones to get you top-of-the-line products that guarantee loads of fun for you and your kids. Springless models are at the forefront of innovative technology and the ones we’ve found for you are jaw-droppingly amazing. The Square Smart is integrated with smart technology for a truly smart investment and the Vuly Thunder is the ultimate in structural integrity and intense fun.

To find the best model at the best prices for sale, check out our reviews and shop now. A summer filled with springfree, outdoor jumping is just a click away.

1. Springfree Square Smart 

There’s trampolines and then there’s the Springfree square smart trampoline without springs. This awesome bouncer takes the traditional outdoor jumper and upgrades it for the twenty-first century. The Springfree is outfitted with smart technology and more than 10 games and apps for exercising both the body and the brain. 

The Springfree has a tear-resistant FlexiNet enclosure that protects jumpers from injury and outdoor fun is made easier with double-UV protection on the netting. The galvanized steel frame underneath the matt is triple-treated to guarantee it won’t rust. The unique soft edge mat provides a safe surface without rough edges that can withstand up to 1540 pounds. Both mat and net rods are made from a special material that is three times stronger than steel. If you’re looking for the best no springs, outdoor model at a reasonable cost, the Springfree Square Smart is simply the best and smartest investment.

2. Vuly Thunder 

One of the strongest and safest outdoor springfree trampolines, the Vuly Thunder 12 foot X-Large deserves a thunderous applause. Additionally available in small to XXL sizes of 8ft, 14 ft and 16 ft, the Vuly Thunder are engineered to withstand rough usage and can support up to 330 pounds. Vuly’s springfree structure provides support from underneath and allows jumpers to get way bigger jumps than the coil springs in most outdoor products. 

A Terylene enclosure net provides a supple surface that won’t lead to scrapes or harsh impact. Completely free of nuts and bolts, the Vuly Thunder is easy to assemble. The Vuly springfree is like the Thunderdome of outdoor trampolines. If you’re serious about bouncing, then this product is an unbeatable choice and one of the top-rated products in the market. The Vuly may not be cheap, but they’re totally worth it. If you're slightly interested I would check it out right away because they’re going fast.

Final Thoughts: Which Type is Right For You?

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The safety of your kids and getting them trampolines that allow them to have fun at home are top priorities. That is why we recommend indoor and spring free models. Indoor products are affordable, fantastic investments because your kids can jump on them all year long. Plus, when bad weather keeps your kids cooped up, there is no better indoor activity to release some pent-up energy.

For outdoor usage, springfree trampolines are the way to go. Compared to traditional outdoor trampolines, this particular type are safer. Springfree means no gaps for your children to fall and injure themselves on. Plus, its engineering means that they are built to withstand any kind of weather. For safety and technological advancements, springfree models are simply the best.

So, whether you’re looking for an indoor, outdoor, or springfree trampoline, we have found the best, safest and most long-lasting options to suit your needs. To find the best and safest bouncers for you and your family, check out any of our best trampoline reviews so you can really weigh up your options. 

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