Best 15 & 12 Foot Trampolines with Enclosure:
Where to Buy them?

Kid Bouncing

There is no one who can pass up the fun of a good time on a trampoline. It's always a hit at birthday parties, play dates, barbecue and more, children can find themselves tied up in hours of endless entertainment by getting together and bouncing up and down as fast as they can.

And who says trampolines are just for kids?

Grandad Jumping

Adults are free to hop on the circle of fun and jump around with the kids a bit too, in fact, kids love it when their parents are willing to spend a few minutes to play with them. However, when they’re with a group of kids at a party or other event, they’re so caught up in their bouncing and fun that they might not even notice. 

The perfect way for any parent to complete their child’s arsenal of fun in their own backyard is to add a jumper into the mix. If you don’t already have fun and are trying to find a way to get your child to spend more time outside or playing with friends instead of cooped up inside watching television all day, then a trampoline just might be the perfect solution you’ve been looking for.

In addition to providing an endless supply of fun and enjoyment to children of all ages, they’re a great way to get kids outdoors and give them a fun form of exercise to keep them active and healthy. Which is also the reason why we wrote this page, we want to be able to give people great options when trying to buy trampolines for their homes. From affordable and budget-friendly to just plain fun, we have got it all for you!

What Do You Need to Know About Trampoline Sizes?

As you can see, there are many reasons to invest in bringing a trampoline into your home. However, choosing which one is right for your home and children is not quite as simple as the decision to get a trampoline in the first place. Whether your priority is to get one cheap, or one that doesn’t have so much as an inch gap in the enclosure for safety, finding the right product might take a bit of hunting. There are different sized models out there and choosing the right dimensions that will complement your home best is probably the most important aspect you need to think about before buying. 

The sizes you will have to choose from are as follows:

  • 15 ft
  • 12 ft
Question Mark

Many different factors go into the choice of which size is right for your home. For one thing, you’ll want to consider how much space you have in your back yard. What you’ll need to consider is how many children you expect to be jumping on your trampoline at any given time.

How many children do you have?

Or do you have adult size kids in your house hold?

You don’t want to have a model that ends up being too small to accommodate everyone. That’s just inviting injuries to happen when the kids try to fit too many people onto the small space and they end up bumping heads.

Not being careful about the trampoline size you choose is how you end up with hurt feelings when someone gets kicked off, or worse, making unexpected trips to the emergency room. To prevent these tragedies from happening, take your size selection carefully.

Luckily for you, we are about to point out the most highly-recommended models in the most popular sizes, just to make life easy. ​So if you're interested in buying one soon, you should really read this. It will help you avoid making some basic mistakes.

Our Review of the 3 Best 15ft Trampolines:

If you think a bigger trampoline might be best suited for your home, then take a look at some of the 15 feet models available on the market. The following are what we’ve deemed to be the best-rated models in the larger category to help you make your decision easier.

Finding a 15 foot trampoline for sale means you are buying the largest size that is typically available, so as long as your back yard has space for the addition, you are making a choice to give your child the most space possible to jump around with their friends and have a ball.

1. Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk 

There’s nothing better than a huge 15 ft trampoline and having plenty of room to stretch out and do tricks, other than having a basketball hoop built in. This is a high quality product that’s suited to allow several kids on at a time, featuring a basketball hoop that allows kids to play in the backyard and have a ball, literally. It is also built with safety in mind, with a safety net going around the exterior and made with a basketball hoop constructed from soft materials to prevent injury. 

The basketball, too, is made to be softer so it won’t cause any harm during play. It’s also very stable, made with rust resistant steel legs. This is a great addition to any backyard to give kids everything they need for endless hours of fun, activity and play. If you’re looking for the right size bouncer for your home, you can’t go wrong with this model. With an amazing price tag, this affordable model might just be the one you're looking for.

2. Kangaroo Hoppers Round with Enclosure

Kangaroo Hoppers is a reputable brand in the trampoline industry that is well known for always producing high quality products. The brand gets their name from their dedication to creating products designed to allow children to jump around wildly like kangaroos, while being as safe as the baby’s kangaroo tucked away in its mother’s pouch. The premium corrosion proof springs utilize rust resistant coating to make the product last longer. This highly-recommended trampoline is surely something that you do not want to miss out on.

This 15 foot model also comes with an L-shaped ladder and a zipper door to enter and exit the enclosure net that ensures the safety of any children playing within. The net is made from high density, UV treated, tightly woven, PE thread and the colorful design looks good in any back yard. With this massive 15ft model, even a large group of children will have plenty of room to hop around and play to their hearts’ content.

3. Jumpking Outdoor 

If you’re in search of the ideal 15 foot trampoline to put in your backyard to give your kids everything they need to make their home the designated play date and after school fun destination, then the search ends here. This product has plenty of room to give kids space to move around and play, with plenty of room for everyone. 

While being the ultimate option for kids looking to release their endless stores of energy and socialize with their friends, it’s also a top pick for parents. The Jumpking 15ft Outdoor Trampoline has all the safety features to put the nerves of worried parents at ease, without compromising on any of the bouncy or spacious qualities kids need to have a good time. The safety net enclosure and rust-resistant steel legs keep children safe from harm and having a great time. This winner really is a must-buy for your kid.

Our Review of the 3 Best 12ft Trampolines:

If you have a smaller yard or don’t think as many children will be hopping around on your new trampoline, then a 12foot model might be the ideal solution for your home that will help your children have access to a fun place to play outside and stay active. A 14 ft trampoline or a 15 may simply be too big for your yard, but many households can squeeze in a 12ft with ease. Today, many children spend countless hours indoors watching television instead of getting their energy out in the great outdoors. Having a 12foot model installed in your backyard is a fun and convenient way to allow your children to get some fresh air and stay active whenever they’d like.

If you’ve decided that the dimensions of the 12ft models are right for your home and lifestyle, here are our favorite products to help you get started on your search for the ideal model.

1. Skywalker Round 

This model comes with everything you need to give your children the ultimate 12 foot trampoline. The 72 gauge extra wide springs are designed to provide users with a superior bounce capability to let your kids jump higher and higher than ever before. It’s also rust resistant and the jumping mat has been manufactured from heavy-duty polypropylene with UV protection for enhanced durability and strength. Finally, for added safety, the enclosure net interlocks with the jumping mat by utilizing a button-hole feature at each v-ring on the jumping mat.

With this, parents have no need to worry about the safety of their children being compromised while they are enjoying all the fun that comes with their new 12ft trampoline. In addition, reinforced T-sockets are used to stabilize the upper portion of the enclosure frame. This prevents the structure from twisting.

2. Best Choice Products Round 

If there’s anything that kids love, it’s jumping up and down endlessly and letting all their energy out. With a trampoline in the back yard, there is so much opportunity for fun and games that your children can play with their friends. The Best Choice Products 12 foot Round Trampoline is an excellent contender for the right model for your children, as it includes a heavy-duty, water-proof, fade resistant jumping mat for the children to bounce on, as well as springs coated in zinc to ensure their longevity. 

A W-shaped leg system provides maximum stability, giving you the peace of mind and assurance that your new bouncer will stand tall for years to come. The foam sleeves and safety enclosure net protect children from any hard edges or any injury that may occur, allowing for hours of worry-free, risk-free entertainment. This trampoline has just about everything you could want from a 12ft model, making it a perfect addition to any home in search of a smaller product to fit in their back yard.

3. Kangaroo Hoppers Round

The Kangaroo Hoppers 12ft Round Trampoline is a favorite option for those looking for the ideal 12foot model built with both fun and safety in mind. In fact, the Kangaroo Hopper brand gets its name from the fact that all their trampolines are designed with the idea in mind of allowing children to hop and jump around like a kangaroo, while keeping them safe like the baby in its mother’s pouch. 

Some of its features include coming with black powder coated galvanized steel legs, featuring an ergonomic design of the curvy legs to offer stability and support. Parents can also rest assured that the UV coated trampoline mat is designed to prevent sun damage and includes a safety pad to cover the springs and a safety net manufactured from tightly woven, high density, UV treated polyester thread, keeping their little kangaroos safe at all times.

Final Summary: Which Size Fits your Needs?

Kids Playing

As you can see, there are a lot of factors to consider in deciding on the trampoline that is right for you. Making sure that your bouncer won’t be too small for all the children that are going to end up hopping on it day after day is no small task. Fortunately, once you make the choice as to which trampoline size is going to be right for your needs and is most well suited to your home, then you can rest assured that there are plenty of incredible options from each size category to choose from.

If you’re still having trouble settling on the right trampoline dimensions, then keep in mind that it might be best to go with the largest 15 foot option. After all, you can end up having one that is too small, but your children will never come up to you and complain that their trampoline is too big. If you’re looking to errrr on the side of caution, then a 15ft mode may just be the right way for you to go.

Or if you want to go compare these products against the top-rated models we have chosen for 2017 then simply head to our homepage before making your final decision. 

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