10 Ft. Skywalker Trampoline With Enclosure: Provide Safe Fun And Exercise For The Whole Family

The best outdoor trampoline is one that you know will be safe for everyone to use. It will have the proper frame that promises stability. It will also have the protective accessories that ensure a drama-free experience, such as a safety net, spring pad, and durable mat.

When it comes to purchasing play items for your kids, a trampoline or rebounder is a big deal. You will want to take time on the one that you choose. You will want to make sure that it is safe to use. It’s important to pay attention to detail and to pick one that is considered to be a top outdoor trampoline.

There are many different ones available. Some are pretty pricey while others are lower-priced, but look cheap. You may not want to spend too much, but you don’t want something that will break in just a couple of months.

A trampoline that may be worth your time is the Skywalker Trampoline. It promises safety and quality at a great price. The following information will help you decide if this is the one for you and yours.

Quick Overview

The Skywalker is a smaller trampoline which makes it perfect for small backyards. It has a great net that ensures safety with a unique design. The frame has been designed to stay strong, even after plenty of bouncing. With some of the strongest springs around, this is an excellent choice that offers amazing bounce.

It’s ideal for families with one or two children who would like to provide them with a fun yet safe option for play. The Skywalker has the traditional look of most trampolines and will look good in any yard. If you’ve been looking for a stable, small, and round option, this could be it. If you are searching for unique colors for the spring pad, the Skywalker has variety. Do you like green, blue, purple, or red? Take your pick, because this option is available in all four colors.

Both the net and the mat have UV protection to ensure that they stay safe under the sun. Also, this product meets ASTM standards. You can trust that it is safe for use for you and your kids.


  • It’s strong and stable
  • It’s small enough for many yards
  • It’s durable
  • It includes an enclosure for safe use


  • The instructions are difficult to understand
  • It’s difficult to assemble correctly

Product Specs

To help you better understand this Skywalker option, you’ll want to know more about its specs and what you can expect. For example, the net has a stay-put style where it interlocks with the mat. The button-hole design ensures that the netting and mat are firmly held, where each V ring is.

The frame stays strong, not just because of the strong, heavy-gauged frame, but also because of the T-socket welded frame. This helps to prevent the frame from twisting and bending.

Many prefer bungee cord for their trampolines. But, the 5.5 inch springs on this thing not only make you bounce as high as can be, they are also rust-resistant. As anyone knows, this is highly important when you want a long-lasting bouncer.

Its size is 10 ft. X 10 ft. x 8 ft. This is large enough for a couple of kids, but no more than a few should be on it at one time. It has a 175-lb. capacity, which means that two younger children can be on it at a time. But, more than two older children should not.

Who Is The Manufacturer?

Skywalker is a dependable trampoline manufacturer. They are known for making dependable options for good prices. Many times, lower-priced trampolines may lack in safety and value, but Skywalker does a good job at what they do. They tend to make sturdy and dependable ones with a great bounce. They also make a lot of accessories and they provide plenty of variety in their products.

Where Can You Use It?

This type of trampoline is meant to be used outdoors. It’s much too big to use indoors and the frame wouldn’t be stable enough on indoor floors, such as polished wood or slippery tile. While it could be placed on concrete, the safest place to set the Skywallker would be on grass or dirt in the backyard.

When setting it up, make sure to place it away from the fence or wall, as well as any sharp edges or items that may also be placed outside.

When using it outside, you will want to consider purchasing a cover for it when it’s not in use. While the springs are rust-resistant, you will want to keep the mat safe as well. Also consider using anchor stakes to keep it safe from flying away during windy weather. This has been known to happen and poses a jeopardy, especially to smaller kids who may be jumping.

Is It Good For Your Health?

While you may be considering buying the Skywalker for your kids, you could also be thinking about getting one for you. Jumping on a rebounder or trampoline is good for your health and also great exercise. The following are just some of the health benefits gained from bouncing on a product like this one:

  • It can greatly help your lymphatic system. This means that you will have a healthier body, as essentially, a healthy lymphatic system rids it of toxins.
  • It helps you to have better circulation. Because of the continuous movement as you bounce, rebounding promotes better circulation. If you have bad circulation or deal with certain issues related to it, you can see benefits from jumping.
  • It can help you to get your exercise. Whether you simply hate different types of working out or you can’t due to joint issues, it could help. Bouncing is not so bad on your joints as running, for example. It’s also fun and easy to do with good music, so it helps to make workout time a fun experience.
  • It can help to improve your digestion. If you’ve been having issues with your digestive system, this could be the answer. It greatly improves digestion, making it an ideal alternative to other remedies. Simply jump for up to 20 minutes and you should see an improvement.
  • It can also help to tone your body. Jumping on a rebounder or Skywalker can be a great way to tone. If you like to avoid gyms or weights but want to see toned muscles, jumping is good for your body—especially your core.
  • It aids weight loss. Because 20-40 minutes of continual bouncing is cardio, you can expect to see results in weight loss. Of course, this goes hand in hand with diet, but it’s a great way to burn calories. Because it’s fun to do, it’s typically easier for people to spend more time bouncing, than say they would, running. The continual movement and muscles used in bouncing can go far in losing weight.

Exercise Ideas

If you’re thinking about exercising with this trampoline with enclosure, you’re on the right track. Bouncing exercises are fun and time will pass quickly while you’re doing them. Here are some ideas to help get you started:

  • Alternate between bouncing on one leg at a time. This can help to strengthen your leg muscles.
  • Alternate between pulling each knee up as far as it can go. This helps to strengthen your gluteus and core.
  • Do jumping jacks. Jumping jacks are always a great way to move your entire body and even better on a rebounder.
  • Do squats. Yes, squats while bouncing can help you get “the burn.” You will work out those muscles more than ever.
  • Do burpees. Sure, it may be tough to do on a trampoline, but tough can also mean good results, so try it.
  • Practice core exercises. As you turn your upper body from side to side while you bounce, you will be working out your core. This is great for your abs and helping you to slim down.
  • Just bounce. Even if all you can do is bounce, you can rest assured that you’re moving your body efficiently. While the other exercises can help to take it further, if you just feel like having fun with good music. Do it.

The more time that you can do cardio, the better. But, even if you just find time for about 20 minutes of jumping a day, it helps. You’ll be moving more consistently and quickly than a brisk walk yet having double the fun.

Keep in mind that the more effort you put into your exercises on the rebounder or trampoline, the better. This can help to double the results and get you that toned, slim body in no time. It does require commitment, as does any other exercise, but it’s worth it—and fun.

Is It For You?

If you have children who need a good way to get their energy out or you want to exercise, the Skywalker could be it. It’s a relatively dependable option and includes safety features that you would want in a trampoline. To determine if this is the right purchase for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I ready for a commitment to rebounding fitness? If you are considering this product for personal fitness use, you may want to be sure that this is what you want to do. It may be a passing idea, but this is quite a large item to have a whim about. If you can commit to using it, go for it. It’s big enough for comfortable jumping for a single person and stable enough for all kinds of bouncing.
  • Do I have the space for this option in my yard? Before purchasing, you may want to consider if it will fit in your yard. Whether you already have a playground or pool, is there enough space for it? You’ll want to take into account that you should have more than a few feet of space between the bouncer and other structures, if not more. Also, it should be placed on completely level ground.
  • Does it have all the safety features that I want in this type of product? The Skywalker does quite a good job at being a safe option. The T-bone welded structure, the enclosure, and strong mesh net, are all features that you want. But, consider if you like the fact that the net attaches to the mat or if you prefer that the springs are on the inside. Everyone has different preferences on what they think is safe. What are your preferences?
  • Is it big enough for my family? If you have one or two young kids, this may be ideal. But, if you have a few kids, you will want to consider a larger one. It isn’t very big and can be dangerous for more than a couple of people. As a 10 foot trampoline with enclosure, it isn’t as large as some other ones, so consider your needs first.


For what it offers in quality and safety, the Skywalker 10 foot trampoline is a relatively safe option for you and yours. As compared to other similar items, you can trust that you are getting great value. It isn’t perfect and does wear out over years of use, but it can provide plenty of fun for months to come.

What makes this option one that you may not want to pass up is that it has the best of both worlds. It is deemed safe for use and is good quality. Yet, it is highly affordable, and its size makes it easy to fit in any backyard.

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