Exacme Round Trampoline Review

Exacme Review

Exacme is an electronic commerce company developed by NewAcme LLC that was founded in 2011. NewAcme LLC was originally intended to be an international trading company for a multitude of product lines. Exacme became NewAcme’s sports equipment brand that now sells products in not only sport equipment but also products for the home and health and beauty products.

It's important to realize that this company does not only sell products but also manufactures them. As many of the products they sell are, in fact, manufactured by them it is more appropriate to call them factory-direct. They have their distribution center in Houston, Texas and the company is registered in Portland, Oregon. 

The product we are examining today is their latest release of their round outdoor trampoline, which is far from the electronic devices they usually play around with. This article covers a complete review of this product, so if you're on the hunt for a new summer bouncer, then you best keep reading. ​

Exacme Trampoline Overview

Although they do offer other products, Exacme is known for their trampolines. Our review on this product has found it to be one of the most popular sellers as they offer this jumper in five sizes that range from 10 ft up to 16 ft. The UV protected jumping mat has a long service life and the jumping material allows for a much more superior ability to hold more weight. Based on our review, the weight capacity for a 10 ft product is 260 lbs and 375 lbs for 12, 14, 15 and 16 ft. The legs meet the ground in a total of 12 places in the form 6 W-Supports. These supports provide absolute stability for those using it. 

Enclosing each side is a polyethylene mesh net with a zipper that opens and close creating a door for children to easily climb in. The net creates a fun but safe jumping environment that still allows complete visibility for watching parents. A safety pad on the inside of the netting covers the springs that attach the mat to the frame. 

It is made 0.6-inch thick EPE with closed-cell foam inside for a shock absorbent platform. A heavy duty galvanized ladder is also included for safe access up the jumping mat. It is designed to hook securely over the frame but under the safety pads. The ladder itself is equipped with slip-resistant rungs that help to prevent children from slipping and falling as they get on and off the jumper. It has a heavy duty steel frame that is 1.5mm thick and is also galvanized as well as rust resistant, making it much stronger than others.

One of the greatest features of this product, is that the brand is TUV certified, meaning that Exacme dealt with regulatory and compliance requirements in product development. They have had GST and UV testing and have been approved.


Exacme Review
  • The frame is made from galvanized steel which means that it is guaranteed to be sturdy. Galvanizing steel means dipping the steel into molten zinc at temperatures between 438 to 460. The process prevents the steel from corrosion because zinc does not rust. Galvanized steel is used in the construction industry and for machine parts and tools, proving its strength and durability. The frame also has an advantage over competitors because of the 6 W-shaped legs which provide more stability than the 4W or 5W legs trampolines that are often offered.
  • They have great customer service. Many customers reported friendly encounters with Exacme’s customer service stating that they were friendly and helpful. If a part breaks or bends, customer service will do their best to replace it and, oftentimes, for free.
    • The range in sizes and the weight capacity is a big plus. While many other products are only sold in 1 size, this product offers it in five sizes. With the addition of being able to endure such high weight, it is perfect for those few kids or those who want to join in on the joy of jumping with their family.
  • The price is a big reason to look into getting one of these babies. With the average costing around $500 dollars and the highest quality one selling for more than $2000, the price point of this product seems really appealing. With the quality that is given, customers really get the most bang for their buck when purchasing an Exacme Round Trampoline.

If you're thinking in the back of your head "I wish I could remember what the other products were so I can compare them one last time" then that's no problem, simply click here to review them again. 


  • This product will arrive in three boxes and customers need to assemble it themselves. 

Final Thoughts: Is it Right For You?

Kid Bouncing

If you’re interested in a good quality trampoline for a reasonable price, our review has found this product to offer outstanding value. The pros outweigh the cons when it comes to this line, not to mention the cons can be fixed easily with a few extra hands, a tool kit and a little extra care.

If properly taken care of through the seasons and through extreme weather, this produt is guaranteed to last a long time. Any pole or leg broken are under warranty and customer service is happy to help with any problems faced. The pros easily tempt customers with an affordable, durable product that can be enjoyed by the entire family for years to come.

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