Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline Review: A Small Rebounder For Great Exercise Fun At Home

Are you into the tradition of making fitness resolutions at the beginning of the year? Are you simply ready to make a change in your exercise lifestyle? Either way, it’s the perfect opportunity to start getting in shape.

From running to swimming, using weights, or going to dance classes, everyone has their own unique way to exercise. What is your favorite? When it comes to exercise, what works best for you is the one that you enjoy most.

A recent trend in the fitness world is trampoline exercise. With good reason, it’s making a change in the way that people look at exercise. What was once just for kids to be entertained is now something that can be used to get you in shape.

From toning your body to helping you burn calories, a rebounder can be the fitness item that you never knew you needed. With this type of fitness being a favorite in this day and age, mini-trampolines are abundant. They are available in different shapes, colors, and styles. From springs to bands, outdoor options and indoor ones, plus a variety of sizes, mini rebounders are as varied as can be.

How do you make the decision on the one that will provide you with the features you want? To help you out, check out the following stamina rebounder reviews. From understand more about this product’s top features to learning how to use it best, you’ll most likely walk away wanting to get one for yourself.

Quick Overview

The Stamina trampoline is neither too large nor too small. It provides just the right amount of mat width for comfortable bouncing without taking up too much floor space. It can hold up to 250 pounds, which means that it won’t fit too many tykes, but can hold most average-sized adults.

A unique design, the Stamina uses bands instead of springs, making it somewhat safer and also durable than most. At two-inches wide, each band promises the strength you are looking for so that you can bounce your heart out. These types of bands are stronger than springs, which means that you don’t have to replace parts as often as you would with springs.

Another very special component to the Stamina is that it is a mini folding trampoline, so you can easily store it when you aren’t using it. As if all these things weren’t enough to catch your attention, it’s also one of the most affordable ones that you could ever find.

It comes with a silver cover for bands, so you don’t get your feet caught in the spaces and the mat is strong enough for light to average size adults. It also has a decent bounce that isn’t too flexible, that there is no resistance. Yet, it also isn’t too stiff feeling that it hurts to jump.

The Stamina mini trampoline is also relatively quiet which is a plus. If you want to get up and exercise early while the rest of the world is sleeping, you don’t have to worry about making too much noise.

This option is especially beneficial for those who are just starting out with trampoline fitness and who aren’t sure if they will continue. It’s a minor investment for something that could bring great benefits in the long run. If you do decide that you like this type of exercise, you can always look into getting a more high-end option. All in all, it’s great for beginners.


  • It’s one of the most affordable rebounders you could find
  • It includes strong and durable bands
  • ​It has a good bounce
  • ​It can fit in many small spaces
  • ​It provides decent quality for a low price


  • It isn’t strong enough for larger users
  • It isn’t as bouncy as trampolines with springs

Why You Should Use A Mini Trampoline

When it comes to your fitness, it’s important to make sure that your method is one that you will enjoy. A mini trampoline is a great idea for many, in more ways than one. For example:

  • It’s smaller than a large trampoline. You may have bounced for years on a big trampoline as a child and that’s what you have in mind when you think of trampoline fitness. While this could be a good idea if you have kids and a big backyard, it isn’t if you don’t have space. A mini trampoline can fit anywhere in your home or even small apartment. You don’t have to worry about a huge option when a small rebounder works just fine.
  • It’s a fun way to get your exercise. Bouncing and jumping is a fun way to get your heart pumping. Time goes by quickly when you’re having fun. And, jumping on a rebounder is definitely fun. Put your music on, get moving, and forget your troubles. Oh, and while you’re at it, you’ll be burning those calories and toning that body.
  • It’s more affordable than other forms of exercise. While running in the street or on paths is free, gym memberships or fitness classes are not. Because the Stamina 36 is extremely affordable, it’s a one-time cost that won’t break the bank. And, you can get months and years of use out of it.
  • It helps you to get exercise when at home. Because you have it at home, it’s hard to make up excuses on why you can’t exercise. Setting up a special area for your jumping fitness routines will help you to enjoy it and make it easy for you. Driving to a gym can make you decide not to go, but when you have your fitness option right in front of you, why will you say no to exercise?

Trampoline Fitness Benefits

Before investing in a trampoline, you may be wondering if it’s as beneficial as they say it is. The truth is that trampoline fitness is one of the easiest and most fun ways to lose weight and tone up. The following are just some of the benefits that you can get from jumping on a rebounder:

  • It works out your whole body. From head to toe, jumping requires you to use more muscles in your body than you would typically. From the necessity to use your core in your jumps to the parts of your legs that you use to achieve height while jumping, it demands you use your body. You will be surprised just how many areas of your body you use to jump.
  • It helps to improve how well your lymphatic system works. The lymphatic system is responsible for ridding your body of toxins. A body with too many toxins will not work correctly and is unhealthy. More than many other types of exercise, bouncing on a trampoline encourages your lymphatic system’s health.
  • It tones your muscles. Whether you are simply jumping or doing targeted workouts for building muscle while bouncing, it’s a great way to tone. From using your abs to jump to squats on the trampoline, you can see a difference in your muscle after jumping for a week or two.
  • It burns calories and helps you to lose weight. Jumping on the trampoline is cardio. Cardio is key in helping you to lose weight. On top of the fact that you’re toning, you’re burning calories. If you work out anywhere from 20-40 minutes every day or every other day, you will start to see those pounds drop.
  • It’s a great way to get exercise for those who need low impact routines. If running hurts your knees or your doctor has instructed you to stay away from high impact exercise, bouncing on a rebounder is ideal. Unless you exaggerate your bounces, it’s relatively soft on your joints and can ensure that you stay fit without having to worry about pain.
  • It’s good for your heart’s health. Moving your body has cardiovascular benefits and helps to promote good circulation. It also benefits your heart and keeps it healthy.
  • You’re moving. How is that not beneficial? Anything that gets your body moving in ways that it is not used to is beneficial for you.

Safety Tips

Of course, you want to be sure to stay safe during your new fitness journey. Jumping on a trampoline is fun, but it can also lead to accidents. To ensure that you have a drama-free experience, follow the safety tips below:

  • Place your rebounder on a rubber mat or soft surface. This will help to ensure that if you should fall that you’ll be falling on a softer surface. This can help you to avoid bruises or even broken bones. It also helps to keep the noise from your bouncing down to a minimum.
  • Make sure that you have set it up correctly. Before starting your exercise routine on it after setting it up, make sure that you have set it up right. Make sure the bands are all in good shape. Check that the legs are sturdy and connected right. Test out the trampoline slowly before jumping with all your weight. Also, be sure to ensure that the band cover completely covers them.
  • Use comfortable shoes while bouncing. While some people might like to bounce without shoes, it’s safer to use the right pair. It provides your feet with protection. Of course, you don’t want to use the wrong kinds of shoes. They can also be dangerous and cause sprained ankles and accidents. Don’t use tennis shoes with platforms or that don’t fit you right.
  • Don’t worry about jumping too high. While your first thought may be that the higher that you go, the better the workout, it’s the opposite. The controlled, focused jumps require you to use your muscles without knowing it and provide you with better results. Jumping high can lead to missteps which could cause serious falls. You could also be more apt to sprain your ankles or even break bones if you land incorrectly.
  • If you have kids in your home, put the rebounder away. The good thing about the Stamina 36 is that it is easy to store, so you can easily put it away when not in use. Children are curious and they may try to jump while you’re not around. To avoid accidents, don’t leave it out.
  • Check the surroundings of where you place it. Even if you’re an adult and practice caution while bouncing, falls can still happen. Make sure to keep your area free from sharp edges or hard surfaces. Don’t place it near a wall.
  • Consider placing a handlebar on your rebounder. If you may not have the best balance but want to use a rebounder for fitness, installing a handlebar could help you to jump with more peace of mind. It also doubles up as an accessory for your workouts. From using it for squats and lunges to other forms of trampoline fitness, it can be great for safety and fitness.


If you’re looking for a new and fun way to get your exercise, the Stamina 36 is an ideal investment. Although it may not be as top quality as some more expensive ones, it offers fair durability for its price. With sturdy legs, a good mat that offers the ideal bounce, and a size that can fit anywhere, it’s a good purchase.

Before buying it, you may want to consider where you will put it and if you’re ready for trampoline fitness. If you have any health issues, you may want to talk to your doctor beforehand to ensure that you are able to use it.

If you want affordability, quality, and aesthetics in your rebounder, this one is for you.

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