Trampoline Fitness: A Great Way to Exercise and Have Fun

Whether you love to exercise or you find it to be a struggle, people are always looking for new ways to work out. From running to sports, swimming, and biking, the options for exercise are endless. For many, the choice of exercise is due to necessity while for others, exercise is for fun.

Those who practice some type of exercise usually have more energy than those who don’t. While it isn’t always the case, elderly individuals who have practiced some type of exercise throughout their lives are more energetic. The benefits of exercise are endless, so it’s important for people to discover ways that they can do it faithfully.

One way to work out your body in ways you never thought of before and have fun doing it is to start doing a trampoline cardio workout. Not only will this help you to get in better shape than you could imagine but you are sure to look at exercise differently. It’s one of the few exercises that you can enjoy that helps you to work out every part of your body without you having to do focused sessions—unless you want to.

What Is Trampoline Fitness?

Before we go on, you may be wondering what exactly is this type of fitness. Sure, you may have jumped on one as a child and had a great time, but is that really exercise? Yes, it sure is. Even just the simple act of jumping on a trampoline gets your blood pumping and your body moving. Imagine taking the fun a step further and focusing on key areas?

There are many different ways to work out on a trampoline but all of them consist of using its bounce to maximize your effort. The following exercises are usually done in many a trampoline fitness class. Take a look:

  • Practice jumping jacks on the trampoline. Jumping jacks are actually some highly beneficial exercises and even more so with the extra power that a trampoline’s bounce provides. To get the most from this type of exercise, a set of 30-50 jumping jacks is suggested depending on your fitness level.
  • Another exercise that can help you to get the most from being on a trampoline is high knees. Try to go as quickly as you can as you alternately raise each knee to your chest.
  • If you are in the mood for pushing yourself, go ahead and try the “terrifying” exercise known as burpees. Start off in a plank and then jump up with your hands raised above your head. Repeat the process. Do as many as possible at the beginning. Once you’re used to it, do around 5-10 reps.
  • If you want to see a difference in your thighs and buttocks, squats on a trampoline are more beneficial than you would think. They may also be more challenging than you imagined. You will need to use more of your body’s strength than in a normal squat but the trampoline helps you to forget what you’re doing.
  • If you are looking to strengthen your core, you can do core rotation exercises. This type of exercise is usually done in a gym with a machine. On a trampoline, you simply turn your body to the left and right while jumping as you tightly hold your core. It’s extremely beneficial for your abs.
  • You can use light weights as you jump while you lift your arms back and forth. Just because jumping uses your legs, it doesn’t mean that you can forget your arms. The added weight also helps you to get more out of the exercise for your entire body.

If you combine the above workouts with a short warm-up and cool down, you will definitely get your heart pumping. It’s an easy way to get your workout in without even having to stress about it. Trampoline exercises for weight loss are very similar to your average workout. What makes a difference is the fact that you are using your whole body to move and jump. This means that your core gets a better workout in each exercise.

How To Get Started With Trampoline Fitness

You can buy your own mini trampoline for home use or if you want to join in with other people, there are gyms that offer this type of fitness class. Some of these classes may even incorporate yoga into the class or a dance class.

If you are looking for a way to make this type of exercise even more exciting than it already is, you will want to join in on one of these. For once in your life, exercise can become something that you look forward to.

Another great thing about this type of fitness is that you don’t even need that much time to enjoy them. A 30-minute class is so high-intensity that you will be sure to sweat and burn calories yet so low impact that you will forget you’re exercising your body.

If you’re someone that tends to appreciate the guidance of others in your workouts, you may want to look into DVD options. Yes, there are even workout videos for trampoline exercise. The great thing is that you can get set up with a small exercise trampoline in your own home. That saves the hassle of a journey to the gym or a class.

Why Is It Beneficial?

Now that you understand what this type of fitness typically consists of, you may wonder why it’s better than any normal workout. There are many health benefits to using a trampoline for exercise. Check out the top trampoline workout benefits:

  • One of the important parts of living healthy and keeping your body working well is to practice cardio. Cardio greatly aids cardiovascular health and helps you to get more oxygen as you work out which is also beneficial for your overall health.
  • If you have problems with joints and high-impact sports and exercises, a mini trampoline workout can help. It will allow you to be able to do your favorite exercises but without pain that can often accompany them.
  • Trampoline workouts are very good for detoxing. They are beneficial for your lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system plays an important part in helping to rid your body of toxins. If you have recently binged on alcohol or are retaining water, a trampoline workout can help you out.
  • A fitness trampoline workout can improve your metabolism. Because of its effect on your metabolic rate, over time as you continue to work out on a trampoline, you will see results.
  • Because this type of fitness is beneficial for your metabolism, it’s also great for weight loss. As an exercise that gets your blood flowing, your core moving, and your metabolism rising, it only makes sense that it aids in weight loss as well.
  • The act of rebounding on a trampoline is beneficial for your blood flow. Healthy blood circulation is also great for your mental health. If you want to feel sharper at work or are feeling tired while trying to meet a deadline, get on the trampoline. You can be sure that you will feel more awake and ready to take on your work at hand.

The above benefits are all great reasons to get jumping. Of course, besides it being an exercise that can help you to get in shape and feel better, it’s a lot of fun. There aren’t that many exercises that are as enjoyable as trampoline bouncing. It will quickly bring out the inner child in you and you’re likely to look forward to your exercise routines.

Who Should Take Advantage Of It

Anyone who wants to have a great time working out should take advantage of something as fun as this type of fitness routine. There are some people who may not be able to do certain types of exercises but they can join in on this type of bouncing fun. Following are reasons why you may want to start participating in this type of fitness.

  • Are you too impatient for normal cardio workouts and you get bored with them easily? This bounce fitness can add a little fun into your exercise and help you forget what you’re doing. Those who are accustomed to staring at the time on the treadmill may appreciate this alternative where time is forgotten.
  • Is running hard on your knees or joints? Are you starting to feel pain from hitting the pavement? Bouncing on a trampoline is a low-impact option for you. Those who have found that they can no longer enjoy their favorite cardio workouts may appreciate this fun alternative.
  • If you find that you retain water a lot or that your body has a build-up of toxins, participating in trampoline fitness can benefit you. You don’t have to do it every day, but twice a week can help to get your blood flowing and your lymphatic system working well.
  • This kind of exercise is also beneficial for your kids. If you find that they may be having a difficult time doing their homework after a long day at school, pull out the trampoline.
    Even just 15 minutes of jumping can help them to have the energy and mental capacity needed to finish their day. You could even do it together as a family routine. It’s fun AND good for you. Just be careful with your trampoline safety if you are exercising with your children.
  • Are you interested in toning your body without having to start lifting weights? Trampoline workouts can help to shape up your body without you even realizing it. They are especially great for people who are looking to build a bit of leg muscle and strength. This type of exercise can also help you to slim down your waist.

Pretty much anyone can enjoy this type of exercise but check with your doctor if you have any conditions that may hinder you from bouncing. Otherwise, get on the trampoline and start bouncing.

It’s a great way to do low impact exercise if you have suffered from some leg injuries. Like swimming, in those situations you don’t want to add stress t the injured area. But just sitting on the couch will not help your fitness levels or your recovery time.

What Kind Of Equipment is Needed?

As one would imagine, a trampoline is needed for this type of exercise. While you could get a big trampoline to fit in your yard, if you don’t have the space, a mini trampoline is a great idea. Wear your preferred exercise clothes and start jumping.

There are some small trampolines with very little noise impact. That means you can use It even in an apartment without having to worry about your neighbors above and below. Once you get to an advanced level you might even want to invest in a second one as this will give you a lot more flexibility.

If you want, you can also invest in some extras to increase the intensity of your workouts. Some people like to use dumbbells for warmups and for their workouts. If you aren’t up to dumbbells, light 5-pound weights may be an excellent addition to your workout. Weight always helps to add an extra effort to any workout and this type of fitness is no different.


If you’ve been looking for a way to get exercising daily, this may be the option for you. Trampoline workouts are highly beneficial and are a lot of fun. You can start toning your body, lose weight, detox, and forget that you’re even exercising.

Join a fitness gym with trampoline classes or get one for you to start doing it at home. You may feel like a child at first and if you are in a public class, you may feel silly in front of strangers. Yet as you keep it up, you’ll realize that none of that matters. It’s fun, it’s good for you, and before you know it, your exercise session will be finished.

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