Cellerciser TRI-Fold Rebounder Kit: Indoor Trampoline With Stability Bar

Cellerciser TRI-FOLD Rebounder Kit

Life is too short to do boring exercises; so, don’t. If you have a hard time with typical fitness routines, you’ll want to do something that you enjoy. Whether it’s swimming or playing your favorite sport, enjoying your exercise can make a big difference in the results.

One way that you can have a great time while still getting the results of exercise is to use a rebounder with bar. It’s something that can help you to get exercise anywhere and everywhere while also being a lot of fun.

Think about it; how can you not have fun while jumping on a trampoline? In fact, there are even gyms that have opened, geared towards helping people lose weight and tone up, with rebounders. So, if you’re ready to do something different for your fitness routine, you may want to consider bouncing.

With a plethora of best rebounder trampoline reviews all over the place, it’s a challenge to find a decent option. To help give you an idea, the following information on the Cellerciser TRI-Fold will guide you in what to look for. The Cellerciser has some great features. Check it out.

Quick Overview

One thing that you’ll notice about the Cellerciser is its stitching. When it comes to a quality rebounder, stitching is everything. It has an all-steel construction, so you can be sure that it will stay sturdy, even after months of bouncing. Its frame is designed to flex without the possibility of breaking or warping.

The Cellerciser can hold up to 300 pounds. This is unique in a rebounder this size, so it’s ideal for taller and larger individuals looking for a strong rebounder with stability bar. Speaking of a stability bar, the Cellerciser has a strong one, so you can easily do your favorite exercises while using this mini-trampoline.

The springs are triple-tiered carbon steel, so you can trust that they will last and stay strong for months of use. This is a definite must, as you don’t want the springs to break easily—they are the power behind the bounce on your mat. The springs have come with a cover, so if you’re using the Cellerciser with your toddler, there is no danger of pinched fingers.

Because you may want to use your rebounder in different places and pack it up for trips, you’ll appreciate the portability of the Cellerciser. It can be packed away in the included carrying case which has wheels on it. If you have been wanting a portable mini-trampoline, this is it.

The mat on the Cellerciser moves up and down and not inward, so it’s even better for those who need to do low-impact exercise. It allows for gentle bouncing and impact while still having enough give for jumping.

The Cellerciser is made to last with strong materials and quality craftmanship. It has strong stable legs with rubber bottoms for added safety while jumping.

If you’re looking for a trampoline with a quality build, dependable springs, and safe mat, this is an excellent option. It may not be the cheapest in the world of trampolines, but it offers top features and quality construction.


  • It has a fabulous carrying case for easy portability
  • It can hold up a lot of weight, making it ideal for taller individuals
  • It is gentle enough for those who have health conditions to use
  • It includes a stability bar for added benefits in exercise
  • It is easy to set up, so you can easily assemble it on your own


  • The springs can be quite noisy, which could be annoying for housemates
  • It requires spring maintenance to keep them in good shape

Top Features

Whether the Cellerciser is for you or you want to keep shopping, there are a few factors to consider. Make sure to check out these following features before purchase.


How strong are the legs? You need a frame and legs that are built out of strong materials. For example, the Cellerciser his made from heavy-duty steel. This helps to keep it from warping and breaking. After all, you don’t want to be jumping and find that one of your rebounder’s legs has snapped.

Because the Cellerciser can hold a lot of weight, it shows that it has a sturdy build that you can count on.


The springs need to last on your rebounder. Without springs, there won’t be much bounce. So, what you want to check out is how strong the springs are. If they break or rust easily, look elsewhere. Also, make sure that there are plenty to go around, so that even if one or two breaks, you can still depend on your rebounder.

Stability Bar

The stability bar on the Cellerciser can help you do unique exercises. But, it’s important that it can be assembled tightly and sturdily, so that you won’t be prone to accidents with it. Make sure that it’s also made from strong, durable materials. A warped stability bar is no good.


Mats are very important on rebounders. You will want to look for one that offers great bounce and give while still being strong and durable. If you have problems with doing high impact exercise, you may want to find one that is known to be good for those with health conditions.

The Cellerciser is often used by individuals who can’t do any high impact sports or exercise yet who want to keep working out. Keep a close eye on the quality of the mats of the trampolines that you’re researching. If mats get too many negative reviews, there is no reason to invest in them.

Safety Tips

You may be an adult, but you need to stay safe just as much as anyone else. While rebounders are fun, you want to be careful. The following tips will help to ensure that you stay safe while jumping:

  • Make sure that it’s been assembled correctly. The Cellerciser is pretty easy to use, but you still want to make sure that its put together correctly. A loose screw or unstable bar can result in an accident. Double check everything before bouncing.
  • Place it far away from sharp objects or furniture. You’ll want to make sure that it is clear from sharp table edges or hard furniture or décor. If you don’t land correctly, you could fall. Falling on sharp or hard objects can cause serious injury.
  • Make sure that it’s even and level before using. You’ll want to avoid placing the rebounder with bar on hard surfaces. A mat can help to absorb impact should you fall off. But, at the same time, you need to make sure that the trampoline is level. If not, it can easily flip over while you’re bouncing.
  • Avoid using tennis while jumping. Some people like to use their tennis shoes while jumping, but it isn’t always safe. If you happen to land incorrectly, it could result in a sprained ankle and then you’re back to square one—no jumping.

    Try jumping without shoes and if you don’t like it, just make sure to stay safe while jumping with them on.
  • Keep an eye on your child should they decide to use it. If you have kids, they may want to use it. After all, it is a mini-trampoline. With that being said, you don’t ever want to leave your little one alone to jump on it.

    If you are a parent who is trying to get some exercise in, but have children, you’ll love the carry case that makes for easy storage.

Fitness Benefits

Maybe you’ve heard about trampoline fitness benefits in passing. Perhaps you’ve always loved jumping. Maybe you need a quick fix that you can do at home on busy days. The following benefits are just a few you’ll receive from rebounding fitness:

  • Your circulation will be improved. It’s good for your heart and your health and can help you to get your blood pumping as it should.
  • Your lymphatic system will be healthier. The lymphatic system is an important part of your body’s health. If you want to keep your kidneys healthy, as well as your immune system, rebounding fitness can go far in ridding your body of toxins.
  • You’ll be able to exercise, even if you can’t do high-impact workouts. You may have been a runner for a long time—until your doctor said you couldn’t do it anymore. What can you do that will provide you with optimal benefits? Many doctors will suggest rebounding fitness for those who want to exercise without heavy impact on their bodies. Rebounders like the Cellerciser are especially beneficial as they are designed for gentle use.
  • You can enjoy your workout time, instead of looking at it like a chore. Jumping is just fun. You can’t jump with a serious, angry face. So, knowing that you have a new way to enjoy exercise can help it to be something you look forward to. If you look forward to it, it’s more likely that you will do it.
  • It’s beneficial for toning your muscles. Doing squats and even just bouncing is good for your body. Because simply doing any exercise is good for you off the trampoline, the results are enhanced on it. It helps to add more umph to your routine. If you want to start seeing a difference in your muscle, make sure to jump on your rebounder.
  • It can aid in weight loss. Jumping helps to burn calories, so even if you don’t have much time to jump, it can help. Even just bouncing for 20 minutes a day can aid in weight loss, as long as you are eating a healthy diet.
  • It can help to relieve stress. There is nothing like jumping on a trampoline to help you relieve stress. How can you be worried when you’re bouncing? Just moving and distracting yourself for 15 minutes can help you to release tension and get back to work.

Fitness Tips

If you’re ready to invest in a rebounder with bar, you may wonder what kind of exercises can be done on it. Because this trampoline has a bar, the possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas:

  • Hold on to the bar and do leg lunges. Do your leg lunges while depending on the bar to keep you stabilized.
  • Do sit-ups. Use the trampoline as a base for your crunches.
  • Make sure to get some squats in. You have a bar. Use it for your squats and why not add some bounce?
  • Bounce and have a good time. Simply bounce. Who says you have to do some fancy exercise techniques?
  • Dance if you want to. Life doesn’t have to be serious and neither does your exercise. Dance if you want to. Go ahead and put on your favorite music and start breaking out your favorite moves.
  • Do core twists while bouncing. Bounce and twist your core. You’ll see results after taking some time for your core on the rebounder.
  • Do knee lifts while bouncing. Go jogging on the rebounder or do knee-lifts. It will help you get the same results that you used to, without the heavy impact.

As you can see, you can do your favorite exercises and moves even while on the trampoline. The added effort of bouncing will help you to get even more results.


Rebounding fitness is great for you. Its fun, it helps your circulation, and can improve your mood. The Cellerciser is a decent option, if you want a portable and sturdy rebounder for your fitness needs. It has a carrying case and stability bar for a good price. What more could you ask for?

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