Trampoline Exercises For More Effective Workouts

Using a trampoline for exercising has not always been an accepted workout routine. But you will be surprised how effective even. Small trampoline can be. In this guide, you will find out what types of exercising you can perform. And the health benefits to young and old are quite immense.

Trampolines are more effective and efficient in fitness training, than most of the other common exercise equipment you’ll find. As revealed by several credible sources, including The National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA) 2006 research report, which stated that: joints and bones are impacted more when a person runs, compared to the impact that is created when a person does intense trampoline exercises.​

If you haven’t tried it before then dive right in. Below are a few of the most common exercises done on a trampoline that you can start with today. You'll be surprised how effective they are and how quickly you will get totally exhausted.


This is the normal jumping up and down, but with a little twist. At the top of every jump, there is usually a motionless moment. But you can take advantage of that by doing some dance moves when you reach that point.

There are actually a lot of different dance moves you could incorporate. These include an energetic kick, hugging your knees, pulling up, even a full body twist, and all other moves you might think of.

To make it more entertaining, you could jump to a beat, music or a particular rhythm. This also helps you manage and maintain your speed as desirable as you want, depending on your music and beat. If you want to build muscle, make sure you select a beat and dance routine which emphasizes on muscle.

Jumping Jog

Regular running can take a strain on your joints and bad weather can really restrict your training. If you often find you can’t go for a run, then a trampoline is your answer.

Jumping jog combines both jumping and jogging, at the name suggests. You get to have the full benefits of both of these exercises, which works on your cardio and core and leg muscles.​

To begin the routine, you need to do a few jumps at the center of the trampoline first. This is to ensure you establish balance. Slowly increase your vertical height, to get more familiar with the bounce. At the moment you get into your rhythm at a good height, you should alternate between short intervals of jumping and jogging.​

You should remember to lift each knee as high as possible for each step you take. Continue with this rhythm for roughly three minutes before you stop. For more cardiovascular benefits and burning of calories, you may increase the time. Remember not to stop suddenly, but rather, gently reduce your speed and rhythm until you reach your initial warm up routine.

Anti-Gravity Bounce

With this exercise, you try pulling yourself against gravity with each bounce. The cool thing about this exercise is simple: the higher your jump is, the more calories you’re burning. When you land on the trampoline, you stop your downward movement, but actually increase your movement back up. This actually forces your muscles to really react to the gravitational force.

Essentially you will be exposed to higher G forces that make your muscles work harder. However, those forces are not transferred to your joints due to the soft and gradual effect of the trampoline.​

Vertical bounces

This is just the simple normal vertical jump. They are actually the best exercise for toning of muscles. It has a lot of benefits from immune system stimulation, lymphatic system flow stimulation and clearing wastes from muscle exercises. You should only jump at the center and maintain a steady pace.

Make sure your movements are smooth and try lifting your feet with each elevation. This would be a standard warm up and cool down part of your routine.


These are great at increasing your heart rate and giving you such a great workout. The first key step is actually standing on the trampoline, your feet six inches apart. Both your hands should be on your hips, this is quite essential. Your knees also need to be bent.

Bounce while alternating, raising your left and right knee to your hip level. Repeat this procedure for about 60 jumps, this is approximately thirty lifts for each leg. You will break into quite a sweat with this one.

Sit And Bounce

For you to effectively and safely perform this work out, you need to engage all your core muscles. This is because you’re doing it on a not so stable surface. To start this exercise, make sure you stand with both your feet together, and your arms should be at each of your sides. While jumping up ensure your feet are spread a little wider than the length of your shoulders. Make sure your landing is in a squat position, your thighs parallel with the ground and your knees bent. Assume you are going to sit down, so ensure your arms are straight out.

Side To Side Jumps

If you require a more intense workout for cardio, this is best for you. Instead of simply jumping at the same spot, try jumping from right to left giving your core an excellent and safe workout. You could jump side to side with so many variations. For more advanced techniques you could do this exercise with 2 mini trampolines.


This workout is very simple. During the basic vertical jump, try rotating your core mid-jump. You will greatly work your abdominal muscles by shifting from side to side. Just keep pointing you feet in different directions as you land.

Mini Trampolines – Ideal For Indoor Use

These are similar to your normal trampolines just a little bit smaller in size. They can be used to do all the exercises and workouts of a regular trampoline; they are however more efficient. They are highly portable and can fit into rooms and small spaces. Most people prefer working out with mini trampolines. There are so many to choose from, so here is a list of the top brands.

1. JumpSport

They are quite durable and made from top notch material. Additional stability is provided through the arched leg design. The products are specially designed for rebounding exercises alone, and not for recreational purposes.

2. Urban Rebounder

These have quite a small surface for exercising, which makes it ideal for small spaces. The great thing about them is that they have two different leg sizes. This will make for a more efficient and effective workout. The only set back with some of the models is that the springs are completely left uncovered.

3. Pure Fun

These are one of the best starter mini trampoline, Generally very durable and affordable, so they won’t break the bank. They have a larger surface area of about 38 inches which is ideal to get used to. This also means you can use them for recreational jumping, which means kids will love them too.

4. Stamina

Suitable for children to play with, and great for beginners. They are actually more stable because of the five-legged support system. With an elastic band design, it will not bounce as high as the metal spring mini trampolines. For your normal cardio workouts, this will work great.

5. AirZone

These are very decent design rebounders, but with a smaller surface area for workouts. However, they also have a significantly lower weight than other rebounders. The small size does make them easily portable and storage is not a problem because it folds down.

Trampoline Exercise Benefits

Cardiovascular Benefit

When bouncing continuously up and down, several muscles are used at the same time. To ensure you maintain your balance, those muscles need to work in harmony. Extended use of the rebounders increases your lung capacity and lowers your blood pressure. And the more cardio you do the more it increases the red blood cell count.

Helps With The Lymphatic System

Generally, most forms of exercises neglect the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system simply helps fight viral and bacterial infections. It also transports waste products away from our bodies.

The lymph fluid relies on muscle contractions to aid the transportation process. Rebounding exercises, are the best in achieving this. This is due to the rapidly accelerating and decelerating motions of the trampoline. To increase the lymphatic activities, you only need to rebound for just a few minutes every day.

Weight Loss

Rebounding is a great way for fat and calorie burning, it also helps greatly in muscle toning. The good thing about rebounding is that every part of your entire body is exercising at the same time. This will most definitely increase metabolism too.

You will not only have an easy way to work out just a few minutes a day, but you also don’t need to pay high gym membership fees. It can also be done at your convenience; you can probably do it while watching the kids or even enjoying your favorite TV shows.

Back Problems

If you spend a lot of time sitting down at a desk then back problems can quickly develop. Often these result from muscle fatigue and bad posture.

When it comes to rebounding, you strengthen your back muscles, and you don’t even strain it in any way whatsoever. This is arguably the best workout tool for people dealing with back problems due to the low and gradual impact.

Helps Improve And Maintain Your Balance

For you to actively do any of these exercises, you need to be completely balanced on the trampoline. The surface of the rebounder is also not stable and shifts in almost all directions. Your coordination and balance needs to be pretty much spot on to achieve this. With any rebounder you will get to achieve optimal stimulation of all of your body balancing mechanisms.

Injury Reduction

Strain injuries are very common in many forms of workout. But running seems to be particularly problematic. Especially for those of you just starting out.According to research around 70% of new joggers get hurt at one point or another. With rebounders, the possibility of injury is greatly reduced due to the low impact it has on joints. You can hardly get injured when exercising with a trampoline. The only thing you need to be careful of is falling.

Naturally Younger Appearance

Regular exercise is proven to make your skin firm and also increase the skin’s elasticity. With a good trampoline exercise routine, you will look and feel younger in no time. And when you combine it with a new and healthy diet you can work miracles.

Build Bone Mass

Rebounders can increase the bone mass through regular use. A study by NASA showed that most effective workout to rebuild lost bone tissue is the trampoline. After astronauts lost a lot of bone mass due to the state of weightlessness, rebounders actually helped them regain the lost mass.

But you don’t have to be an astronaut to benefit. It can be very helpful to women in preventing Osteoporosis. And it can also reverse the adverse damages it actually causes.

Stress Reliever

Trampoline exercises are fun. You can relax your mind by doing simple workout routines. With rebounders being very comfortable, and the exercises being so much fun, you can easily forget all the hustle and strains you may have at the time. There are so many positive gains in reducing your stress levels. This includes: more productivity, better quality family time, longer life expectancy, and a whole lot of other benefits.

Better For Your Joints

Trampoline exercising is way better if you have sensitive joints like your knees or ankles. This could be due to arthritis or even sports injuries. But such situations should not hold you back to stay or get fit.


Trampolines have so many positive benefits, particularly in your health and fitness levels. It is a very fun way to keep in shape and when you are having fun you will be more committed to achieving your goals. Bring out your inner child while gaining from it at the same time. Start your exercises as soon as possible, you have a lot of workout routines to choose from and experiment with.

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