10 Must-Have Trampoline Accessories: Stay Safe And Have So Much More Fun

You've made a decision on the best trampoline. You're ready for some amazing cardio sessions and your kids can't wait to jump. But, you just might have to wait if you haven't yet invested in some trampoline accessories that make all the difference in trampoline safety and fun.

Some of the following accessories are a definite yes for everyone's safety. While others are a must-have for added fun on the trampoline. If you're going to spend the time and money on a trampoline, take advantage and get the most out of the experience. Make memories and avoid tragedies with top accessories that ensure safety and fun.

The following 10 accessories are ideal for fun, safe, and enjoyable jumping. Some are for rebounders and others are for trampolines.

1 - Safety Net

When shopping for the accessories that will make it a safe and fun experience for all, you will most definitely want to find a trampoline net. This should undoubtedly be the number one priority on your accessory list. Along with a spring pad. There are plenty of different options available on the market. But here are some of the details that you will want to consider to ensure absolute comfort and safety:

  • The material: You want to find a net made out of polypropylene. This is the material that the trampoline mat is made from. Just with a wider weave so that you can see in and out of the net. While you can find some that are made from other materials, polypropylene offers long-lasting use that won't tear easily.
  • The placement: Some consider the net attached inside the springs to be safe. As many would think that springs pose a safety hazard. They do. But accidents can also be caused by children bouncing against the net frame. On the contrary, having it on the outside requires that you cover the springs to protect against accidents happening from falling in the gaps between them.
  • The closure/entryway: When shopping for this type of net, you want to consider the opening for getting off and on the trampoline. Zippers are typically suggested because they guarantee that the net will remain closed during jumping. The only issue with zippers is that they can get stuck easily if they are poor quality.
    If your child has an accident on the trampoline and you can't get to them easily, it could be devastating. Look for a net with top quality materials including the zipper. Or go for one with Velcro closure.
    Something else to consider about the entrance/exit is if you want to find a net that offers double openings. This can make it easier in some ways to allow for easy exiting and entry with multiple children.
  • Attachment/installation: If you are purchasing the net apart from the bouncer itself, you will want to make sure that the measurements and size are correct. A net that fits poorly is like having no net at all. And can be the cause of serious accidents. To make sure that you install it correctly, make sure to read instructions carefully. And that the net comes with instructions. Ensure that you have all the tools before getting to work. And check that there are no gaps or spaces anywhere and that the net is securely fastened.

2 - Spare Springs

When you buy a trampoline, you most likely want it to last for months to come. For the most part, springs last on quality options, but there are always times where a spring or two may break. This can affect your trampoline's bounce and can also cause accidents. Stay safe and have fun by always investing in spare springs.

It goes without saying but make sure that you buy the right size and style for your bouncer. Whether you get a whole set or a few for emergency replacement. This is an item that you will want to have on hand. It's better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it.

3 - Access Ladder

Even if your kids are older, an access ladder is always a good idea. For little ones, it's essential. Accidents often happen on trampolines when kids are getting off and on. If you have younger children who want to use the trampoline, make sure to find a trampoline ladder that attaches firmly. And that it provides a stable way for children to get on and off of their jumping mat.

If you use a net with two openings, you can place a ladder on one side and a slide on the other. Just another way to have extra fun. As always, make sure that both accessories are attached firmly. And there is no way that they can slip or tip during use.

4 - Spring Cover/Pad

This accessory is one of the most important ones for your trampoline, along with a net. Whether you attach the net on the inside of the springs or on the outside, you should always have a spring cover and pad. A trampoline spring cover can ensure that children don't get scraped by the springs. And it also keeps the springs protected from bad weather.

A pad will provide cushioning for children when a net is attached on the outside. Many accidents are caused by trampoline springs. So, a pad and cover are just as important as a net. A spring pad can also provide a comfortable seating area for your kids when they get tired. Or as they wait their turn to jump. Although, be aware that it is safer for waiting children to wait outside of the trampoline.

5 - Weather Cover

As with anything you leave outside, a trampoline can wear out due to weather. Whether from being outside in the sun all the time or due to the rainy season. The weather can cause your bounce pad to deteriorate quickly. While there are UV resistant nets and jumping pads, trampolines can still be damaged by bad storms or adverse weather conditions. This is why it's important to purchase a weather trampoline cover.

While it may seem like an added cost, it will save you the money that you would have to spend on buying a new one. Whether you invest in one that covers the entire trampoline-this is suggested-or you get one that only covers the mat. This is an accessory that will ensure long-lasting use.

6 - Safety Tie Down Hooks

As strong and heavy as a trampoline may be, windy or stormy weather is enough to lift it off the ground. This can be dangerous for your family. But also for your home. There are many instances where thousands of dollars of damage have been caused due to "flying" trampolines. A ruined roof or worse is not something that you want to consider.

To ensure that your children stay safe and your home stays damage-free, invest in safety tie down hooks or anchors. When it comes to this item, go all out for quality. It is most definitely worth it.

7 - Toys

Jumping is already a fun experience for your kids. But go a step further and invest in accessories that will make it a blast. For example, you may want to get a basketball hoop to attach to the net. Of course, to avoid accidents, make sure that both the hoop and ball are made from soft materials.

You can also invest in small bouncy balls or target practice boards with Velcro "darts" for added fun. Always be careful to avoid toys that have sharp or rough edges. Landing on a sharp point can cause serious accidents.

8 - Bounce Board

While it could be considered a toy, it's also a great accessory for practicing other sports on your trampoline. A bounce board takes jumping to the next level. While not suggested for younger children, it's a great addition for older kids and parents. It's a simple board with straps for your feet, a slip resistant material on the bottom, and won't damage your jump pad.

As with any kind of board or "sport," you and your kids will want to make sure to practice using the board carefully. If not used correctly, it could cause accidents. Avoid using this board with your younger children.

9 - Handlebar

While using handlebars on large trampolines isn't suggested due to its height and the risks associated with this, it's ideal for mini-rebounders. It can help to provide your child with stability while bouncing. If you are using a rebounder for cardio, it can also be used in some of your exercises.

10 - Exercise Accessories

If you are investing in a rebounder for exercise/health reasons, make sure to get the most out of it. You can do so by investing in exercise accessories as well. For example, a resistance cord can help you to get a great upper body workout while on the rebounder.

Another item that you will want to include is an electronic monitor to measure your calories, time, etc. For some really advanced exercising you can invest in two or three rebounders. There are exercises that involve jumping from one to another. Obviously this should only be done if you’re experienced.

Other Things To Consider

While shopping for accessories for your trampoline, here are some things you should consider when browsing options:

  • Color-If you are someone who likes everything to combine perfectly, you will want to put some thought into the color coordination of your accessories. For example, you may pick out a spring pad and cover that you love. It arrives in blue. Then, you order your net which arrives with pink borders. For some, this doesn't matter. For you, it might. Make sure to check out the available colors in the accessories that you are looking for.
  • Style-While many of these accessories are available in steel and other basic materials, if you want to have a bit of fun, look for unique styles. (Just make sure that they are equally as safe.) Instead of using your regular ladder, look for plastic ladders and slides. This is a lot more fun for your little ones, but of course, may not be as ideal for older kids.
  • Quality-Always consider quality when shopping for items that have to do with your children's safety on the rebounder or jumping pad. Quality sometimes means a higher price, but you won't regret spending a little bit extra if it means keeping your child safe.
    Another thing to consider is that quality also usually means durability. The better the material and product, the more use you will get out of it. And that way it’ll last more than one season.

In Conclusion

There is a excess of accessories that you can invest in to make the trampoline experience an unforgettable and safe one. The above 10 items are a great start to ensure you and your children's safety, as well as a fun and enjoyable experience.

Whether you are investing in a trampoline for personal exercise and cardio or you want to provide your children with a fun option for getting their energy out before bed. These accessories make a world of difference.

If you feel that you may not be able to install any of the above accessories properly, don't hesitate to call a professional. Safety is of the utmost importance when using a trampoline and its accessories.

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