Ultega Jumper 12 Foot Round Trampoline Review

Ultega Jumper Review

The Ultega Jumper 12ft round trampoline with enclosure net is one of many leisure sports items this German company has produced. Ultega has been in business since 2011. From their conception, this company has put out great leisure, sports and fitness products that children and adults can enjoy and incorporate into their healthy lifestyle. From skates and toys, to exercise equipment, they have manufactured countless items for people to enjoy.

Their brand prides itself on being 100% German made and manufactured and true to the overall quality that their company produces, especially when it comes to their outdoor jumper. A lot of the features included with this product helps to make it stand out from other products in its price group.

To help you decide if this product is right for you, we have compiled a comprehensive review with everything you need to know before jumping into purchase, so without further adieu. 

Ultra Jumper Trampoline Overview

One of the major draws of the Ultega is the look of it. Sporting a blue mat that covers its springs, this product is a sporty masterpiece that looks safe for children to play and jump around on. And with the research done on this brand, these features aren’t just for show. Based on our review, this jumper has maximized its safety potential by including a mat that covers its 72 steel springs, a net that is attached to 8 poles, all of which are padded and a base and frame that is shaped to prevent it from tipping over when children or adults are jumping around inside.

Another feature noteworthy of mentioning in this review is the ability to buy it and have it expertly assembled upon arrival for an additional fee. However, if you want to have some additional savings you can assemble it yourself. Customers who have used this product rave about its stability and are quite impressed with its safety features. Also, when a problem does occur with the product, the customer service that they provides is far superior to other companies.


  • Safest – This trampoline includes a plethora of safety features that ensures whoever is using it, whether big or small, is safe to jump around as much as they like. This includes features like the safety net, padded poles, matted springs and a specially designed base and frame that prevents tipping, are all there in an effort to keep the user safe. And the best part about this is that others with features like these usually cost much more than the price of the Ultega Jumper 12ft.
  • High quality material - Ultega guarantees that their product is engineered in Germany and is of the best quality. Starting with its galvanized steel frame, this product is sure to give something to the customer that no other product can.
  • Stable design - Because of the unique design of the base and frame, the bouncer is said to be tipping resistant, a feature that customers can back up through first-hand. Some customers have mentioned how this product can stay upright in a storm with high winds.
  • Superior pricing - When shopping for a trampoline the prices can reach well over $400. Luckily this product is amazingly priced and most of those other bouncers don’t offer the features that Ultega includes on their products to make the users a lot safer.


  • Only holds up to 200lbs - The fact that this sized jumper can only hold up to 200lbs is a bit concerning, however, customers who have bought this product and have used it for the whole family, haven’t complained about the weight restriction.

Final Summary: Should You Buy it?

Girl Jumping

All in all, our review of the Ultega Jumper rates pretty high because of everything it has to offer and for its low cost. Because of this company's emphasis on safety features and function, parents gravitate towards their product and unlike other companies, this product doesn’t just say it’s safe, the features stand up to the test.

The mats keep children from getting caught in the springs should they jump off course. The net keeps adults and children alike from jumping out of control and onto the ground below. The padded poles keep people from getting injured should they crash into one of the poles holding the net together. The shape of the base and frame of this model provides an extra layer of security by keeping the trampoline from easily flipping.

This product can be expertly assembled or you could save some money by assembling the it yourself. From a customer’s standpoint, all these features help to set this product apart from the others like it and brands it unique because included with all these amazing features, the price still beats those similar to its kind.

So, if you're wondering where the buy this product at the best price, look no further than right here. ​


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