13 Foot Springfree Trampoline Reviews: Jumbo Option With Basketball Hoop Included

There are many ways to keep your little ones entertained, but sometimes you need something that also helps them get their “ya-yas” out. While your backyard may be a great spot for them to play around in, you may find that they don’t stay entertained.

Something that could turn your life around, whether your single or married, is a trampoline. A trampoline can provide you, as an adult, with a new way of exercising. It can also help your children to get their energy out.

Granted, trampolines can also be a bit risky and you’ll want to ensure that you have safety measures in place. You’ll also want to look for options that have top features with safety in mind. While safety rules are important, a well-made trampoline is one that will play its part in keeping your little ones safe.

From nets to ideally placed springs, quality construction, and durable mat, there are several features that shoppers will want to look for when buying a trampoline.

An option that is considered to be a trustworthy product is the Springfree Trampoline, it has some great features that give you peace of mind. To determine if it’s the one for you, take a look at the information below.

Quick Overview

The Springfree Trampoline is big enough for a couple of children to use at a time and can fit in most average-sized backyards. With a unique design, the Springfree is one of the best quality options around with special features.

For example, its FlexiNet net doesn’t fray easily due to a soft-touch style knit. It also has UV protection, so it won’t deteriorate from being outside. It also has a mat that could put all other trampoline mats to shame. Here’s why:

  • It has geo-textile construction.
  • It can hold up to 1540 pounds of static weight.
  • ​It has a special design that allows it to absorb weight.
  • It has sun protection.

Of course, what you’re really concerned about is its bounce. The Springfree offers more bounce than you could find in other similar options, making it a favorite option for many. Whether you have a budding gymnast at home or you simply enjoy using your bouncer for exercise, the Springfree is a good option for its bounce.

Another thing to consider about the Springfree is that it uses as strong formulation of materials to ensure that it lasts. From the rods used for the mat to the rods that hold up the net, you can trust that they are long-lasting.

Something else that may catch your attention on the Springfree is its unique frame design. While many jumping mats are directly connected to the frame, this baby is made differently. The springs are set vertically instead of horizontally on this jumbo trampoline, making it a safer option. This design helps to avoid the accidents associated with falling on the frame.

The weight capacity on the Springfree is only around 220 lbs, which means that only a couple of children should jump at a time. The nice thing about this option is that it has a very wide mat, so children can sit and wait for their turn. If you like your products to come with a couple of accessories, you will certainly appreciate that this trampoline comes with a ladder and a b trampoline basketball hoop attachment. Not only that, it also can be used with an interactive system (although it doesn’t come with it).

It’s one of the most unique designs in the world of bouncing mats and trampolines and is highly reliable. There are not many square Springfree trampoline options and this one is a superb choice.

While it is a bit pricier than what one would typically pay for their bouncing equipment, it’s worth it in quality and safety features.

13 Foot Springfree Trampoline


  • It’s made from quality materials
  • It has excellent safety features
  • ​The bounce is better than many other options
  • ​It’s convenient for small families
  • It can be used with an interactive game system


  • It’s quite pricey
  • It is challenging to assemble

Features To Pay Attention To

Whether you want to keep looking or think the Springfree could be for you, consider different factors. The Springfree shines in many areas when it comes to the top-quality features. Take a look at the following features to determine if the Springfree is right for you and your needs:


How big is your back yard? Do you count on a lot of danger-free space where you can put large play equipment? Good. The Springfree is a bit space-consuming at around 13 ft., so you’ll want to make sure that you can fit it in your yard before purchasing. Unlike mini-rebounders, it won’t fit inside your home. If you have the space for it in your yard, this is a great option.

It will have space for more than just one child to jump at a time and also provides adults with plenty of space to have fun exercising on.


There are many things to consider when it comes to the mat, but there are two very important things to look for when shopping. Number one is if it has weather protection. Number two would be to find out how good the bounce is, and number three is to determine if it’s made from durable material.

The mat on the Springfree is quite reliable. It’s made from UV resistant polypropylene and is designed to stay strong, even after months of high impact jumping.


When it comes to your trampoline’s frame, you always want to pay close attention to what it’s made of and how it is designed. The Springfree definitely provides value for its cost. With the net and mat rods all made from the kind of material that is used on the newer Boeing airplanes, this part of the frame is amazing. You can trust that the rods will hold up during rough conditions and that you can get months of bouncing out of this beauty.

The frame itself has three layers of rust-protection, so you can rest assured it will stay strong and durable through rain or sunshine. Each and every frame is checked before delivery which can help you have more peace of mind.


While many mats and frames may pass the test when it comes to durability and safety, nets tend to slip under the radar. The truth is that trampoline safety nets are one of the most important parts of your play equipment. They are there to protect against falls and if one breaks during use, it could cause a series of issues and injuries.

This is another area where the Springfree option provides parents with peace of mind. It’s made with a specific technique that ensures that it won’t run or fray, which is a common problem with nets. It also has UV protection, which is important for an outdoor jumbo trampoline.


Before purchasing your trampoline, find out what its different pieces are made from. From polypropylene nets to steel frames and specially designed rods and mats, the better the quality, the better use you’ll get out of it. Safety is also a result of top-quality materials, which means that you’ll want to pay attention to what the trampoline is made from. Also, look for rust protection on any of the metal, steel parts.

The Springfree Has Great Features

These are just a few of the features that you’ll want to check out when purchasing a trampoline, as they have a lot to do with its performance and safety. The Springfree includes one feature that isn’t very common and that’s that it can hook up to a tablet via Bluetooth, so that you can play interactive games.

It takes jumping and getting your energy out a step further with smart technology.

Safety Tips For Kids

While some will say that trampolines are dangerous, much of it depends on two things. The first factor is how well the play equipment is built. If it’s made from strong materials such as the Springfree is, you can trust that it will be a reliable option. But, the biggest factors in you or your children’s safety while jumping are safety rules and responsible use.

The following tips may help to give you an idea on how to stay safe while enjoying your new trampoline:

  • Be careful where you place the trampoline. If falls should happen, the last thing that you would want is to have sharp objects or hard surfaces nearby. Make sure that you put the trampoline in area where there is enough space between a fence, wall, or playground.
  • Don’t allow more than two children to jump at a time. While there may be room for more than two children, it’s highly suggested that there be no more than two kids bouncing at a time. Many trampoline accidents don’t happen because kids fall off of the trampoline. Rather, they happen due to children falling on each other or pushing each other while in the air. The more kids there are bouncing, the higher the chances are of accidents.
  • While more than two seated kids may fit with two children jumping, it isn’t the safest. Consider having the other children wait their turn outside of the trampoline. If a child accidentally falls while jumping, they could land on one of the kids seated and cause a serious accident.​
  • Unless your children have been practicing gymnastics and are responsible enough to do tricks responsibly, restrict tricks and back flips. Children love doing their somersaults and while those are probably fine, if your child isn’t trained in flips and jumps, put rules in place. The most serious injuries that happen on trampolines are usually due to children or grownups trying to do tricks that they do not know how to do. From paralysis to serious broken bones, these kinds of injuries tend to be life-changing.
  • Make sure that it has been assembled correctly. The Springfree is a bit challenging to assemble, so you may want to get professional help to ensure that everything, from the springs to the net, have been assembled correctly. If you do try do it yourself, make sure that everything is completed perfectly. Before you allow your kids to jump, do a test beforehand to ensure that there is no possibility of it falling apart.

Make sure to talk with your children beforehand about the importance of following safety rules. If your children are under 13 years of age, you shouldn’t leave them to bounce unsupervised. Some trampoline injuries can be serious, and you’ll need a matter of seconds to react, in order to keep the injured safe from unwanted results.


No one can deny that bouncing is a lot of fun. It’s a good idea if you enjoy jumping for exercise and use rebounders daily. Or, you are looking for a way for your children to get their energy out. The Springfree is an especially good option for parents who want something that is reliable and durable.

It does cost quite a bit. But, it is made from quality materials and boasts of features such as UV resistant net and mat, specially formulated material in the net and mat rods, and durable net. These factors help to balance out the price to value ratio. Of course, there are other options that may not cost as much, but that are good quality.

If you want a trampoline that is durable and great for areas with harsh weather, this is a good choice. It also has some excellent safety features and can be depended on for months and years to come. If you have a bit of extra cash to spare and you want something to help your kids exercise, consider the Springfree.

It’s definitely a trampoline with enclosure and basketball hoop that stands out from the rest. It’s fun for the whole family.

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