AirZone Outdoor Spring Trampoline: Large Scale Family Fun With Added Safety

There are different ways to keep your kids entertained while helping them to get their energy out. From signing them up in sports to investing in backyard play things, you want to ensure that they keep busy and have fun while they’re at it.

An ideal product for helping to encourage movement while also promising fun is a large trampoline with enclosure. It’s a fun way to ensure that your kids get exercise while also ensuring that there are safety measurements in place.

You can also use a trampoline as your exercise outlet. Rebounding fitness is a real thing and it could help you to get in better shape than ever. Some adults who use rebounders may find that they don’t like the limited space and would like more mat for extra exercises and more comfortable use. This may be a reason for you to consider investing in a trampoline. Your neighbors may look at you funny, but when you’re in better shape than them, who’s judging?

Of course, finding the best price on trampolines with enclosure takes time. You also want to be sure that the one that you spend money on is also a quality one. With so many on the market, how do you choose one that is both affordable yet top quality?

To help you in your search, we have compiled information on the Airzone trampoline. It offers some of the best features at a reasonable price. Take a look.

Quick Overview

If you’re looking for a decent-sized trampoline, the AirZone measures at 14-ft to allow for enough space for a couple of children. The mesh enclosure is patented and ties directly to the jump mat to ensure that there is no way for your kids to fall off the mat. This is especially beneficial for those worried about their kids getting too close to the edge and is not something you’ll find in just any bouncer.

Because it has an easy-to-open zipper to get in, it’s easy to ensure that there are no gaps for a child to accidentally fall through. It’s round entry-way provides more space for the little one to get in, helping them avoid their hair getting caught or other potential accidents caused by faulty openings on safety nets.

The 84 steel springs are placed on the outside of the trampoline, which is a safety feature that helps to ensure that kids don’t hurt themselves on them. Just to be extra safe, the trampoline comes with a spring pad for extra protection. The weight limit allows for up to 200 pounds, so the trampoline can hold a child or two at a time, or an adult who is using it for workout.

The AirZone has 6 w-shaped legs with 12 contact points with the ground. W-shaped legs offer extra stability and ensure sturdy use. The legs are made from quality materials and the T-joint design also aids in stability. The mat is made from weather resistant and UV resistant material which should keep it strong for months to come.

The AirZone company also offers replacement parts, should your trampoline get more use than you imagined and with the 1-year warranty, you can see if the company can replace a piece that has arrived faulty. Just keep in mind that the parts may cost a bit. For its safety features and relatively strong build, the AirZone is priced reasonably. It’s a good idea for those who are looking cheap trampolines with enclosures. It may not be as top-quality as a pricier option, but it offers a fair amount of use for a price that won’t hurt your pocket.


  • It is a trampoline with safety enclosure which helps to prevent accidents
  • It’s zipper opening is spacious and allows for kids to easily get on and off
  • ​It’s w-shaped legs offer stability which prevents the trampoline from tipping over
  • ​The mat has weather-resistant material and can be left outside in all kinds of conditions
  • The UV protection helps the mat to stay strong even when placed in areas that get a lot of sun


  • It’s a challenge to assemble alone which can be frustrating if you don’t have help
  • The instructions are difficult to understand which makes the assembly take a long time

Top Features

While the AirZone may not be the fanciest option on the market and may be lacking in as top-quality materials as pricier options, it still offers some great features that help your trampoline experience be a safe one. The following features are ones that stand out on the AirZone:

  • The design: The AirZone design makes it easy to place the trampoline anywhere. While some options are long and oval, this circular shape can fit in most spacious backyards and looks good, as well.
  • The enclosure: The enclosure has been designed in a way for maximum safety. It prevents the possibility of accidents caused by falling on the springs and is also strong and durable against tears. It can stand up to younger or older children and offers fair protection for months of use.
  • ​The size: At 14 feet, the AirZone is large enough for a couple of kids or an adult who wants to do rebounding exercise. It isn’t big enough for more than just a couple of younger children and it isn’t as high off the ground as other options. That’s okay, as multiple children on a trampoline isn’t typically a good idea. Its size makes it easy to fit in a variety of places.
  • ​The entry space: Some enclosures are hard to go through. Ones with zippers are safer, but if they are tight and tricky to squeeze through, it’s easier for an accident to happen. Children have also had their hair caught in this type of narrow enclosure entrance. This is one reason why the AirZone enclosure is attractive. The unique arch opening allows for more space for the child to get through.
  • ​The legs: W-shaped legs tend to be sturdy than other styles. The AirZone legs have a T-shape construction that allows for a more stable trampoline. Because sturdiness is everything in your trampoline, this is an attractive feature on the AirZone.

Safety Tips

As a parent, you want the best for your children and you want them to stay safe. Because trampolines are the cause of many accidents related to children, it’s important to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Set down some ground rules for trampoline use. Many accidents happen because children don’t understand the dangers of a trampoline. Before allowing your children to use the bouncer, have a talk with them about the importance of following rules. This will help them avoid accidents and play safe while bouncing.
  • Only allow a couple of children at a time. Another great cause for accidents is too many children jumping at one time. The more kids in such a limited space, the more chances there are that they will accidentally push each other or fall on each other. Two children should probably be the limit to ensure that your kids stay safe while playing.
  • Don’t leave the children unattended on the trampoline. Should an accident happen, you may only have a matter of minutes to get help. Make sure to keep your eyes on them at all times. It also helps you to be able to manage their behavior, in case they get too rowdy or don’t follow set guidelines.
  • Make sure that the trampoline has been assembled correctly before the children use it. A faulty trampoline can mean major accidents and injuries. To avoid a traumatic experience, test out the bouncer before you allow the kids to get on. You want to make sure its sturdy and stable before allowing them to use it.
  • ​Consider purchasing anchors for the legs. In windy weather, trampolines have been known to “fly.” Sometimes they even fly with little ones in them. This can (obviously) be a very dangerous occurrence. Fortunately, you can find anchors for a low price and they will keep the trampoline in place should crazy weather appear. Even if the kids aren’t on the trampoline, a flying bouncer can cause damage to your home or someone else’s.
  • ​Prohibit tricks and stunts on the trampoline. Children love doing tricks on the trampoline, but they should be limited. Even something as innocent as a toddler’s somersault can be dangerous. Unless your child is a trained gymnast, parents may want to avoid allowing back flips and tricks that could cause serious injuries should the child land incorrectly.
  • Do not allow sharp items or toys on the trampoline. Blunt items left on the trampoline can also cause serious injury and even a seemingly innocent plush toy can cause children to slip and fall and hurt themselves. Try to limit what kind of toys are allowed. There are some options that include basketball hoops and balls. While these are pretty harmless toys, you still want to make sure that your kids are careful while using them.
  • ​Place it in an area far from walls or concrete. While the safety enclosure will help to keep them safe from falling off, you’ll want to take an extra step of precaution and place the trampoline away from walls or concrete. If you have a grassy area, place it there. Even a fall while they climb inside could cause injury if the trampoline is placed on concrete.
  • ​Don’t allow your little ones to sit on the trampoline while waiting their turn. Some parents may feel that it’s okay to let kids wait their turn on the trampoline while waiting for the other kids to finish their turn. The truth is that it can be dangerous. If another child jumping trips on the seated child’s limbs or lands on them, it could cause serious injury. While the padded springs on the AirZone may also be tempting to use as a seat, don’t. Avoid injury by taking extra precautions.

The above tips may seem a bit exaggerated, but trampolines are the cause for many accidents every year. If you want to make sure that it stays a fun experience for your little ones, you’ll want to have safety as a priority. The above list is by no means a complete list, so be sure to talk to other parents who may have further safety advice for your new experience as a trampoline owner.


If you’re looking for an affordable option that will let you get some good months of use out of it, the Airzone may be what you’re looking for. It has some good safety features and has an overall stable build. While it isn’t the most high-end trampoline, if you have a couple of small kids, it will stand up to their weight and will provide them with months of fun.

Alternatively, if you’re an average sized individual at or under 200 lbs., you can use the trampoline without any problems. Just be sure to avoid allowing more than one adult on it at a time and avoid rough housing on it. It’s a relatively good option and while it isn’t the masterpiece of all trampolines, it will be a good investment for a year or so of use.

For its affordability, it’s fair quality, and its size, the AirZone could be the one that you’ve been looking for. Whether it’s for your kids or for you, stay safe and enjoy bouncing!

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