Propel 15 Foot Trampoline With Enclosure & Anchor Kit Review

Propel 15ft Review

Trampolines are a highlight of any backyard in the neighborhood. Regardless of age, parents and kids have always been able to come together in an active, engaging way. Propel is well known for their incredible array of stock available all year. Summer is not the only excuse you can manage to finally buy the toy you have been eyeballing all year. They offer many circular as well as rectangular variations in many sizes to help fit the shape of any backyard. 

Their variety makes it easy to fit so many needs. For those aiming for fitness, their smaller stock sizes are perfect for in-house activity. A popular accessory is their selection of tents and covering so that everyone can get their play in any time of day and in any weather conditions. Even toddlers and tiny ones can learn to jump at pre-school.

They are a trusted brand, specifically among families for several reasons. An important aspect for any outdoor gadget is always safety. For a product that can be seemingly risky at times, Propel really takes it into their hands to ensure that all their brand conveys and maintains a good reputation for quality handiwork. They prioritize the quality of their goods and their customer focused staff seems to have no limit to their kindness and patience, which is why we couldn't miss reviewing this model. 

Propel 15ft Trampoline Overview

A fantastic example of its thorough and innovative design is the ultra-smooth bounce, controlled by 90 galvanized steel springs, and the Impact-Absorbent Enclosure System, plus the thick Sure-Lock frame pad, Propel Trampolines reach the paramount of safety. This particular model has high grade parts that contribute to its increased weight-limit. And, now let's get into more detail about this special trampoline. 

Additional Features Include:

  • Impact-absorbent enclosure system
  • 90 galvanized steel springs that increases its weight-limit
  • Includes thick Sure-Lock frame pad
  • T-bracket technologies. The advanced T-backet system prevents the frame from twisting while increasing overall stability, and the T-brackets lock into 5 strong legs


One of the best features of the Propel 15 foot Trampoline is the stature of the product. Play will not be inhibited or dampened by its size. The limit of the fun you can have is endless and its safety features are among the top parental favorites as well. With very durable parts, this product has a higher weight-limit than most trampolines that we have today. 

Every Propel 15ft models are designed and to truly weather the elements. The innovative water troughs are a proven benefit as it means the tent will last instead of deteriorating too quick.

Another small benefit of this product is the color and shape. Instead of being an eyesore it is a nice red with black trim. Not necessarily a professional toy, but not something that blinds you in the sunlight like a yellow or white would. Its color also adds to the idea of endurance since red and black are less likely to dirty as quickly as lighter colors would.



The only disadvantage noted in our Propel 15ft trampoline is the fact that it requires assembly, however if getting your hands dirty isn't quite for you then there is the lovely option of paying a small additional fee to get a Propel professional to come and assemble your package for you, so really this could be considered a positive. 

Ok, if you're thinking I wish I could compare this product to the best-rated trampolines  in the market then that's not a problem all you have to do is head to our homepage. ​

Final Thoughts: Is it Right For You?

Kids Under Tent

We have always found these backyard gadgets to be among our favorites. As an active, outdoor centered individual, they really are a fun way to stay active. We had a lot of fun with the Propel 15ft with enclosure. We kept an eye on several other companies, but Propel continues to outshine many thanks to their excellent value for safety and quality, paired with their favorable pricing.

The durability and endurance of this product made it an outstanding winner out of many comparisons. While some other products only last one season, this 15 trampoline will endure all summer and continue to maintain happy kids, parents and friends, time and time again. Overall, our Propel 15ft trampoline review solidifies this product as a worthy investment, and if you're ready to buy it and you're wondering where to find it at the most discounted price, then all you have to do is visit this page

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