SkyBound Cirrus 14 Foot Trampoline Review

No matter what you’re planning to use a trampoline for, deciding on a SkyBound product is a decision you will not regret. If it’s just your kids having a bit of fun, or you plan on doing some jumping exercises to add to your fitness routine, this Cirrus model will give you exactly what you need.

This particular model is a 14ft trampoline with enclosure. It is ideal for both adult fitness usage, as well as for kids’ fun time. With an upper weight limit that will cover even adults above average weight, you can really make this part of your own exercise routines.

And the enclosure and safety padding will make sure that your kids are safe and don’t have any injuries from inevitable falls. There is great peace of mind in a product that allows you to turn your back for a few minutes. Knowing that your precious children will not fall off, is all it takes for you to actually be able to enjoy watching them have fun.

In this SkyBound Cirrus review you’ll learn all the details of this product to help you understand what you will actually be getting.

Quick Overview

SkyBound is one of the leading makers of trampolines, both for home and competitive uses. Their products have changed a lot over the years and their latest designs feature some great looks and very innovative setup. Whether you are buying a trampoline just for your kids, or you plan to use for your own exercise purposes, this 14-foot model will do everything you could possibly as for.

The high durability springs are galvanized and dipped in zinc. This makes them very durable and rust free. But they also look the part. With 72 of them to attach, you will be able to support adult weights. And it will make sure that you don’t lose any bounce for many years to come.

The safety enclosure has a very clever design of the upright poles. These hold the safety netting in place. But as you can see on the pictures here, the poles are bent outwards. If you have seen or owned other trampolines then these are usually straight. That means that you can quickly bump into them if you fall.

Even with foam padding that can hurt a little. So, what SkyBound have done is bed those poles outward to reduce the risk of bumping into them altogether.

With a weight limit of 220 pounds, most adults will be able to use this for fun or exercise as well. Just remember that you want to keep an eye on that limit for multiple users. If you weigh 190 pounds and your child weighs 60 pounds then combined you’ll be over the limit.

For additional safety and protection there is an extra thick padding around the outer frame structure. This means that when you or other users fall over, then there is very little risk of getting hurt.

The only downside to this product is that it takes quite a while to assemble. It’s not impossible to do on your own, but at times it’ll be so much easier if you have someone help you. Also, there are no steps included for smaller kids and tie down straps are also extra.

If you want extra safety and convenience then just get some of them added to your order.


  • 72 galvanized and zinc dipped steel springs support extra weight and are long lasting
  • Safety enclosure netting made of high-density material for added security
  • ​Galvanized Steel poles for extra sturdy support
  • ​Enclosure poles are bent to reduce risk of falling against them
  • ​Extra thick safety pad around frame will protect users from getting hurt


  • Takes a bit of time to assemble, but is a bit easier with two people
  • Steps not included to help younger children
  • Tie-down straps not included

Product Specifications

The Cirrus 14 foot is one of the larger products made by SkyBound. The only larger one currently sold is the 15 foot Stratos one. But that comes at a considerably larger price tag is more geared towards competitive jumping than just having a bit of fun with kids.

All the Cirrus models are very similar in design and they mainly differ in size. It’s a pretty advanced trampoline with safety net and overall features that ensure every aspect is going to keep the user safe.

The galvanized steel frame will make sure that no rust will get at the structure, so that you can leave it outdoors all year round. Because it takes quite a bit of time to set up, you really don’t want to be taking it apart on a regular basis.

The steel is also strong enough to be able to hold maximum weights up to 220 pounds. Just make sure you are always aware how much the users weight. It’s not advised to ever use it with more than one person. But if you do get onto it with some kids, just keep an eye on total weight of all users.

For exceptional bounce that will last for many years, there are 72 steel springs premium quality trampoline springs. These are 7 inches long, galvanized and dipped in zinc they are protected from corrosion.

Now for the best part of this model. The safety net enclosure is made from very heavy-duty netting. This is tear proof, and will stand up to the worst possible weather conditions. If you or your kids fall against this netting it will catch and keep you safe.

Where SkyBound have made the biggest difference to many competitors is in the shape of the upright poles. These are usually straight and padded with foam. This means that when someone does fall against them they won’t get hurt too much.

But with the Cirrus you’ll see that the upright poles are concave (slightly bent). This means that there is less risk of falling against them and getting hurt. Such a small design change has proven to be very popular and successful. The last thing you want is for your kids to not want to use the trampoline because of a couple of bad experiences.

Also, the outer frame can pose a slight risk for injuries. As it is made from heavy-duty steel, it is going to be very hard. To help save both kids and adults from unwanted injuries, an extra thick padding has been put in place. Even with a heavier impact from an adult, this will avoid cuts, bumps and worse.

Who Is The Manufacturer?

Even though SkyBound was only founded in 2009 it has quickly become one of the leading makers of premium trampolines. This USA based company started out by just making non-branded spare parts for other products, as well as repair services.

But the owners quickly realized that there was a gap in the market. And that gap was premium products with a trusted dedication to safety. Every one of their products is designed to provide your kids and your inner child with the highest level of safety. And when you look through the products specifications above then you truly understand how much this is the case.

When you think of kids jumping on a trampoline it is not difficult to imagine all sorts of things going wrong. They will be starting off about 3 feet off the ground. But with eve a little bit of jumping, they can quickly be 5 or 6 feet above ground level.

A fall from that height can have some serious consequences. That is why every aspect of what this company does, asks the question of how it can be made safer. Starting with the toughest steel raw materials, and adding extra thick padding and foam, are all results of this approach.

But these safety features are not just designed for kid. Adults who use the products for fun, exercise or competitive trampoline trick jumping will also know that safety is very important. How could you trust a product that could quickly get damaged under your weight?

The answer is that you can’t. But with SkyBound you’ll have that peace of mind for everyone in your family.

Suitable Uses

When you look at this product your immediate reaction will be that it’s a kids trampoline with enclosure. While for most people that is going to be the primary reason for buying it, there are some extra uses that you might want to be aware of.

First of all, jumping on a trampoline, using specific techniques, can be an exceptionally good way to exercise. This is especially the case if you have any joint problems. Any normal jumping exercise on the ground will put quite a bit of strain on your ankles, knees and hips. And if those are already weak points due to age or injury, then you would generally want to avoid them.

But by using a trampoline remove that heavy impact and replace it with soft landings that gradually put pressure on your bones. If you have had some sort of injury to your legs, then using a trampoline can get you exercising a lot earlier.

But even if you are in great physical health, there are huge advantages to jumping as exercise. Because of the low impact, you can push yourself harder. And that can bring you to higher levels of fitness without your body being under too much stress.

And it’s also an extremely fun way to exercise.

The other common use for investing in a higher end trampoline is to use it for sport jumping and tricks. This is sport that is becoming increasingly popular in the US with people of all ages. If you have ever stepped onto a trampoline then you know how much fun it is. We challenge you to find any person that does not have a smile while on a trampoline.

There are even fully organized trampoline jumping competitions where athletes show off their skills. Different types of flips and combinations are scored by judges. With State and national championships finding ever more support, you could be getting into a new sport you never thought even existed.


Assembly Information

This trampoline with net enclosure is relatively straightforward to assemble. But that doesn’t mean it’s not time consuming. It is entirely possible to get it set up on your own. If you want to surprise your kids while they are out of the house, then just make sure you plan enough time. Some people have reported it taking up to 4 hours, when doing it without help.

Ideally though, you will have one person helping you. That helper can even be your child, as there is no really heavy lifting involved. The important thing is to follow the instructions carefully and pay attention to detail. If you find you did something wrong when you get to attaching the safety net, then it could take you several hours just to undo it.

One of the biggest tips we have is to pay careful attention to attaching the springs. When you get started you will just attach 3 or 4 of them. But you absolutely have to count out the spacing. The frame will have the same number of holes as the trampoline mat has V rings.

So, what you have to do is count out the holes and the V rings to make sure that you don’t skip any. Otherwise you will end up with gaps that have to be undone. Also, it is best to always work with opposite. When you have attached one spring, then move to the opposite side for the next one. This makes sure that the tension increases evenly. And it also makes it so much easier to pull the springs in place.

Getting the final touches in place for the trampoline and enclosure is quite simple. Most of your time will have been spent on the frame and springs. But make sure you don’t get impatient with the safety net. This is a vital part of equipment and you really want to be paying attention here.


In this SkyBound Cirrus review you will have learned all about the great features and benefits of one of the best possible products you can buy. If safety is as much of a concern to you as it is to all parents, then don’t try to save a few Dollars for the sake of it.

Investing in a SkyBound trampoline will give you family a lot of joy. And as a parent you’ll be able to relax, knowing that your loved ones are safe.

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