About Us

Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about our site and the processes that we use in our reviews of the best trampolines in the market.


​The reason for putting this site together is to share some of that information. We have tested a lot of different products in the years and keeping up to date with the latest products available on the market has become a bit of a hobby for us. You should check out all the best trampoline reviews on this site and keep it bookmarked or sign up for my newsletter to stay updated as well.​

Every family is different and everybody deserves a good bounce, which is why its important to be equipped with the correct trampolines for your home and family requirements. I enjoy being able to try out each of the various types and being able to compare old with new and brands verses manufacturers to determine which products are the best and most effective ones on the market.​

We're always looking for new products to review. If you happen to spot something that you think might be a good purchase but want some more information about it, send me a message. Chances are I would be able to arrange for a testing session and be able to give you a details and completely unbiased review before you purchase it.​​


I don’t sell anything via this site, but I do sometimes include affiliate links in the reviews that I write. This is what I use to keep the site running. Here’s how it works. If you happen to purchase a product after reading my review the seller will provide me with a small commission. Usually less than 10% which is nice to keep paying for things like hosting and getting some of the content together for writing more reviews. If you would like to know more about the system, check out the affiliate disclosure link that’s at the bottom of this page.​

Thanks again for checking out the site.​​

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